A Review of Silva Compasses - Mobile GPS and Headlamps

12/02/2011 14:06

Silva absolutely are a superb manufacturer and distributor of an wide range of outdoor field equipment including a superb range of Compasses, GPS's, Headlamps, Solar chargers and also a complete range of VHF Radio's so in a whole we have no excuse to receive lost when you will find all these specialist navigation devices readily available from any Silva distributor or retailer. There Compass range is exceedingly accurate and commonly used through out the world on yachts and also other nautical forms of transport including large cargo ships. All Silva merchandise is fully guaranteed and so are manufactured to the extremely high standard that Silva are known for and I guess very very proud of. There VHF radio range happens to be amazing and also commonly used through out the world. Silva also develop a complete range of highly accurate timepieces, to suit most Outdoor pursuits and challenges. All products have sorted dials and screens and a lot can be used by day or by night with superb illumination lighting constructed into most product lines. All Silva products can be used in each quarter in the globe all you need to do is choose the adjusted product, which provides coverage for your quarter of the world.

Silva offers a full range of accessories rather than there products including cases and spare parts. Silva's headlamp range is excellent and commonly used by service personnel from all departments worldwide.

Most products is available for sale either online or through specialist marine and outdoor stores worldwide. When purchasing Silva products with the diversity in the items most would recommend searching on the internet and really checking out the specifications at length so as to make sure you are purchasing the right product and it fulfills all your navigational, radio or lighting needs. Silva are headquartered in Scotland and have been producing superb customer care and products for a number of years they're undoubtedly a market leader while in the navigational market. All products are designed and tested thoroughly before mass production as well as the excellent range they display to their potential customers has always proved this. The descriptions of Silva merchandise is written perfectly clear so also a novice can grasp what they are purchasing 100 % detail.

Vehicle Charger TomTom 5 Inch Portable NEW GARMIN 010 10215 01 MAPSOURCE WORLDMAP Garmin 010 00743 41 WomenS Forerunner® Navigation New WMB101 Custom Carved Designer Bamboo New Magellan Vehicle Power Adapter MG AN0205SWXXX Raymarine Cover ST60 Plus ST6002 GlobalSat DG 200 GPS Data Logger Garmin Nuvi NUVI 900T Cable Cigarette Lighter Adapter Garmin DURAGADGET CT 0505WU Charger Adapter Extended Navigator Powered Rechargeable External Battery Charger Garmin Nuvi 750 Portable Navigation TK106 Vehicle Car Tracker 4 Frequency RAM RAM B 149Z GA9U Handlebar Navigator Streetpilot Qstarz BT Q1000XT Bluetooth Vibration waypoints CONCEPTS SAKGPS100 Medium Hard Shell RS232 data PS2 power inp Coiled Samsung SCH A950 Charge capabilities Camera Case Canon Powershot SD630 Garmin eTrex Legend Waterproof Hiking TomTom Navigator Windows Bluetooth Receiver Ram Mounts Ball Thread Post RAM Mounting Systems RAM B 179U Motorcycle Lowrance Bracket Mark 5 Elite 5 Models Legacy LD31MU 3 Inch CD RW Compatible Chargercity Friction Dashboard Manufacture Replacement Bushnell Neo Rangefinder Carry Case Garmin StreetPilot Sounder External Antenna RAM Windshield Mount Garmin Streetpilot Duragadget® charger Garmin StreetPilot receivers GN097 USB POWERED LIGHTER SOCKET STREETPILOT RAM Mounting Systems RAP B 166 2 TO6U Suction Garmin Temporary adhesive disk 3 pack HQRP Replacement Cigarette Lighter Charger LINSAY LSY 500 MULTIMEDIA Capacity Biggest Bushnell 360050 BackTrack Personal Batteries LMC215 Connect Bundled Universal SM015 2 TomTom LIVE Carrying Case Strap Mio 3 5 Inch Portable Navigator Speech Gear Keeper RT20012 Retractable Lanyard Magellan SOFTWARE WORLDWIDE BASEMAP MAPSEND GN BKT300 Passive Holder Garmin Assistant Dash Mount Garmin StreetPilot Ssytems HQRP Friction Cushion Universal Protector Navionics HM S HotMaps Southern CF Garmin 4 3 Inch Bluetooth Portable Navigator Garmin Navigator Southeastern Singapore Indonesia Basic Cradle Car Holder 6000T Magellan 930 0083 001 Vehicle Adaper Antenna HQRP Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Protector

Silva are also the distributors of other superb products namely Lowrance, Eagle, Oregon, Origo and Gerber with all these other brands distributed in the Silva banner we can only bow our heads to a real superb company which makes so many outdoor enthusiasts completely safe while in the knowledge of perfection and precision of excellence shown so proudly from the Silva product range all over the world. I reckon that all of Silva's customers owe some thanks to such a great great company. Well-done Silva.