3 Romantic Comedies Worth Watching

12/05/2011 00:42

Are you searching for the perfect romantic comedy to play the DVD player for an evening of fun? There are several great options to decide on when it comes to this specific family of movies. The last Several years alone have produced numerous instant classics, ones which will be watched and discussed for years to come. Within this article We can tell you about 3 slam dunk romantic comedies worth watching.

First off, identifying only 3 of such movies was a difficult job. There are just so many out there. However, there are a select handful that exceed the competition and surge towards the front of the pack. Here are 3 romantic comedies worth watching:

The Wedding Singer - This film stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler and is also considered a must watch. Both parties are engaged for being married, but towards the wrong person. Luckily, they find each other and the madness that ensues during the process is both highly romantic, and amazingly funny. This movie supplies a perfect balance of romance and comedy, defining it as a must watch for

High Fidelity - This funny and highly quotable film stars John Cusack, who plays the role of every day man who retraces through his past relationships, only to realize that he let the perfect girl slip through his fingertips. This movie is funny, and insightful and is also a must watch for every couple!

There's Something About Mary - Starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller, this movie can have you rolling from start to finish. When Ben Stiller seeks out his old High school graduation sweetheart, things receive a bit crazy. Sure, it's really a little brash, but precisely what do you expect? This flick is a great movie for any couple, but is geared more towards comedy than romance.

Any of such 3 movies can be an excellent choice if you would like for romantic comedies worth watching. The great thing is that these movies satisfy both men and woman equally since they contain great humor, which men and woman can both enjoy, additionally they contain a quality romance theme, which most woman love.

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Overall, romantic comedies are extremely versatile movies. If you are doing date night, an abandoned night with the better half, or a family party you cannot go wrong with a romantic comedy. Seeking to is that the choices these days are endless.