7 Powerful Language Patterns That Automatically Hypnotize

12/05/2011 01:08

Some people have trouble accepting just how powerful hypnotic language patterns actually are.

That's their loss! Master these seven simple patterns, and you will find it easy to hypnotize anybody, and effortlessly put people within your spell.

Embedded Commands

Slip a command right perfectly innocent sentence, and it'll be missed by way of the conscious mind, but as well as the unconscious.

"As you receive a feel for these patterns, chances are you'll realize that they really are quite good to use in your everyday activities."

Cause - Effect.

"Because" is among the most powerful word inside English language, because individuals like to have reasons for what they do.

Simply use this word (regardless of what the reason is!) and you'll be amazed by how quickly people interact to you.

Tag Questions

Tag questions are excellent, aren't they?

By throwing a fast question (like 'aren't they?) on the end of a statement, you blunt the command, so people accept whatever you say without feeling such as you are in their face.

Conversational Postulates

This is simply a fancy term for something you employ all the time, anyway.

"Can you close of the question," for example, is definitely an example of a conversational postulate. It is a way to phrase commands as questions, and have people to do what you want without realizing it.

Lack of referential index

This is a second fancy NLP term for something which is really very simple. If someone makes a general statement without attaching it with a specific person or object, people will naturally and unconsciously think that, at some level, it pertains to them.

"People can learn hypnotic language patterns immediately, can't they"

Phonological Ambiguity

In comedy, they're simply called puns.

When a word sounds the same but has two separate meanings, you can use it to send powerful subliminal messages without having to be caught.

A common sales example is always to simply say "by now you might have realized just how great this system is."

Notice the ambiguity about the phrase 'by now' to also mean 'buy now.'

The Linguistic Bridge

Persuasive language is elegant language. The better smooth and fluid your sentences is become, greater influential you will be.

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Use words like 'and' 'because' 'causes' and 'which means' to effortlessly tie your thinking together in a powerful flow.