7 Tips on How to Select the Perfect Laptop

12/04/2011 15:07

Tip 1: Know The Purpose Of Your Laptop. In other words, why are you buying a laptop? This is extremely important to know and admit to yourself because different purposes favor different aspects in a laptop. Are you a gamer? Then your going to want a great graphics card and a good amount of RAM (Random Access Memory). Are you a casual at-home user? Then you will want a great battery-life along with some Processor Speed (Ghz). It's very important to know what you need for your dream laptop.


Tip 2: Choose a Computer Look That fits your style. The best laptop for you is the one that is going to make you squirm by just looking at it. You should pick a color that you either love or a color that fits your personality. Professionals who use there computer for work and profit usually prefer white or gray. Experts who are serious and enjoy showing off their knowledge tend to go for black. More Unique users branch out and purchase red, green, or blue laptops. Also, are you after a laptop that is paper thin? Do you prefer a big screen? These are things you need to know before hand so you will know the perfect laptop the instant you see it. Check out my webpage (in the resource box) for way more information on this topic.

Tip 3: Know your price range. You can find the right computer for you much faster if you use advanced searches and enter in a price range. This will keep results off the page that you instantly disregard because they are either way out of your budget, or look way to cheap without good specs. How do you know your price range? Just ask yourself, "If I saw my dream laptop, with every attribute I wanted and more, would I pay $700 for it. What about $750. $800?" You get the point. Also, tell yourself your not going to jump on any deals that are WAY to good to be true. Obviously, your not going to get your dream laptop for $150. So don't aim for it. A

Tip 4: Aim For Decent Internal System Aspects. Like I said before, different purposes for a computer lead to different main aspects. But, overall you don't want anything to be horrible even if the rest is great. For example, you are getting 3 GB of RAM, a whopping 200 GB of Hard Disk Space, and for a great price, sounds great! But wait, the processor speed is only .5 Ghz, slow as a snail. Unfortunately, one major drawback like this can prevent us from being pleased with the laptop. Click Here for a great free table that shows you my personal opinions  for good aspects.

Tip 5: Microsoft Windows or Apple MAC? This is a VERY big decision that you have to make. It all depends on your style and how you want your files organized. Windows gives you more of a decision on what security settings to use and where your files are placed. MAC can be very handy though because it organizes your files and folders for you. Which is for who? It depends on how much you know. If you know a lot about computers you will probably prefer Windows, where you can customize it to your style. If you don't know much and don't have a clue what your doing, then MAC is for you because its very hands off and keeps you from accessing your dangerous or program files. One more pro for MAC, Apple creates its own products for its products. What do I mean? Anything, and I mean anything, that is created by Apple for computers will work on your computer. Check out my website for way more free information on operating systems.

Tip 6: Get a Laptop that has that perfect "feel" to it. What am I talking about? Certain laptops may have something to them that will utterly annoy you forever. Examples:A screechy keyboard, USB ports in the back of the computer, an unresponsive mouse pad, etc. Look online to find information about other users of the laptop who had "annoyances," or, better yet, ask if you can try using the laptop for a test run before actually purchasing it. The goal is to find a laptop where everything is right where you want it, and the feel to everything is great!

Tip 7: Make sure you are getting everything you think you are getting. Buying a laptop off eBay, craigslist, or any other place that sells used or refurbished laptops? Then MAKE SURE to check contents of the package before purchasing. Some people will scam you and send you a laptop that has no power cord! Even some stores these days sell new laptops that have no wireless card (used for connecting to the internet wirelessly)! It is better safe than sorry, don't get cheated out of your money!

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