8 Expert Tips to Easily Maintain your Sewing Machine in Outstanding Condition

12/04/2011 17:07

Remember when you got the new sewing machine broken in how well it worked? You need to keep it working smooth prefer that. Once you get a good new sewing machine you like, here's care and feeding of it as well as you can.


The most important tips I know of are:

1. Join the habit of remembering your new sewing machine needs regular upkeep. Just like a car or house, in the event you neglect it's upkeep be squandered anytime soon provide the best results. Keeping it though, and you will get years in quality stitching!

2. Sewing fabric is fun - having the sewing machine sew on the clothes you're wearing though...less than fun! Disconnect your machine with the wall when not in use or before maintenance. A great safety procedure for mom and her sewing machine.

This way you simply will not get any power spikes or any other problems when not in use. Consider getting a surge protector for this reason. Also, there is no probability of it accidently poking or catching onto you when servicing it!

3. Clean the surface surfaces on the new sewing machine. Any soft or damp cloth work - does not have to generally be anything fancy. This type of maintenance just keeps it looking fresh and clean, and also prevents thread flyaways from developing on the surface.

4. Lint build-ups can be a real tricky problem. Get one of these lint brush to get the large areas clean, or maybe a toothpick to remove the build-ups in difficult to reach places. You do not need your favorite sewing machine halting sooner or later due to the lint getting stuck. Even more difficult, if it builds up excessive the free floating lint can start smoking! Not a good smell.

5. Such as you would change the oil inside your car's engine, your new sewing machine needs oil changes too. You will have gotten some oil when you bought the machine. Can you still have yours? If not, many craft stores sell it. Your instructions will tell you how to re-lubricate the moving parts. Each brand has their own personal way to apply the oil.

6. Don't attempt and use vegetable oil or some other kind of cooking oil for lubricant - new sewing machine oil is premium quality and won't gum up. Other designs are not nearly good enough, and will only behave badly.

7. We all have lots of spare notions and needles, but do you have a spare parts collection in your sewing machine? Light bulbs on new sewing machine seem to burn out at worst times! Spare parts have become reasonably priced so buy some for keeping around. You never know...

8. For serious problems, either check out the troubleshooting portion of your instruction booklet, or send your machine back in for warranty servicing. Sometimes even the best sewing machine develops circumstances need professional fixing. Should your business is dependent on your new sewing machine make sure you have a working spare too.

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If you need to do these steps, as well as any other specific recommendations through your manual, your new sewing machine is sure to serve you well.