Achieve Satisfaction by Being Courageous!

12/05/2011 01:20

Everyone is seeking satisfaction and fulfillment. While everyone would die to have a lot of money, a lot of people would prefer to have enough money for being comfortable while being satisfied to presenting gobs of money and being unsatisfied.

The challenge many, a lot of people face is that they are not familiar with what they want! I have had numerous conversations with individuals who know that they do not want to be doing whatever they currently are throughout their lives, but, when asked, "what do you need to do?" they can provide no answer. Some mumble something vague ("I are not familiar with, something outdoors"), some evade the question, and a few get downright uncomfortable or annoyed.

The respond to that questions starts off with self-expression. When you are able to be yourself 100%, fulfillment follows.

The thing here is that self-expression is a process, not a switch! You don't one day suddenly decide, "ok, i am just going to express myself!" Actually you need to do, but that doesn't mean who's happens in an instant.

Making deciding is a critical starting point, but the only way to completely embrace this idea would be to constantly remind you to ultimately do it. You must also practice and develop your abilities to be able to uncover layers to access your inner person to completely express yourself.

The starting point in the process is to be courageous. Many people put off this process because it is scary. You may have been ignoring what's interior of you for so very long that you are afraid of what might emerge.

I once tried to receive a person to do this process. She knew she was unhappy in what she was doing, but she did not know what to do about it. I suggested some processes to help her figure several things out, but she was incredibly resistant. When I pushed her on why, she said because she was terrified of what would come out...

I must admit, I was just a little stunned. This was initially I encountered a scenario where a person resisted doing something because she was terrified of learning about herself! But, from that point on, as I watched people and saw that went about living their lives, that attitude appeared to make sense.

People spend an amazing amount of time learning about others, watching other people, judging other people, but they also spend almost no time studying themselves.

This level of avoidance originates from fear; fear of self-discovery; concern with what you might learn about yourself; concern with facing truths that you might hope to avoid.

There will be the person you are, deep-down inside. You have dreams, ideas, visions, likes, dislikes, etc. The best cause for dissatisfaction is the place you ignore that, push it aside, or simply just don't feed it. When you're not expressing what you are, you are cutting yourself removed from who you want to and are meant to be.

This is what leads to the dreaded "mid-life crisis." People spend years ignoring this component of themselves, doing whatever they feel they "have to," to be a "responsible adult." But, as being a dam trying to hold back a river that keeps boosting the pressure, eventually the important self bursts out.

What's sad is it happens so much in the future ("mid-life") when it is much harder and after a great deal of time is past. What's even sadder is the fact that some people are in such strong denial that they never let the dam burst. They live all of their lives never experiencing the joy of who that are looking and are meant to be...

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Unfortunately, the direction to real fulfillment and success will lie upon the other side of the fear. Without tapping inside of yourself, how do you ever know what will definitely make you happy?