Al-Qaeda In Hell, Or Allah's Surprising Ingratitude

12/05/2011 01:30

Mohammed One raised his hands toward where he thought heaven may be, and wailed, "I can't stand it anymore! Allah, have mercy!"

But the sun, flame-streaked and smoky, remained unresponsive. So he sank to his knees and began to weep, but the ground am hot it blistered his knees instantly and he screamed and leaped to his feet again. A minimum of, when he was upright his sneakers could cushion the temperature at what he had always understood since the opposite of the heaven of his dreams, that is definitely, hell, also eternity's ground zero for grievous sinners.

At that moment, Mohammed Two came rolling in at high speed. "Try spinning as fast as you may," he said while he went. "You get blisters slower."

"I tried, however i bruised my elbows," wailed Mohammed One, watching the twirling Mohammed disappear on the smoky environs. Establishing raised his scorched beard and pleaded yet again to the ever reticent sky. "Why, oh, why, Allah, maybe you have condemned me to hell? I gave my entire life in your service!"

But the sun did not respond. After which what he feared most got into view through the smoke-gray clouds - a passenger jet.

"No, no, not again!" Mohammed One pleaded. "Please, Allah, have mercy!"

But the plane cruised closer then landed.

"Oh, Allah, preserve me," Mohammed One sighed, and wept, putting his hands to his face.

Then to door from the plane opened and also the captain appeared inside the doorway. While he was dressed just like a pilot, he did employ a red and nasty tail, which slapped while he spoke.

"All aboard!" he announced. "Time for someone else doomed flight!"

"I can not do it again!" Mohammed One appealed. "My body is still healing from your last seven flights."

"So is mine," said the red-tailed captain. "But I have got my orders." Establishing raised his voice, calling, "Mohammed! Everybody named Mohammed who has been a terrorist who blew up a jet or threatened to take action and every terrorist by another name who has been condemned for the same - we pull off in one minute. Don't forget your explosive devices. You know the punishment for the - two extra flights daily for two weeks."

"Explosive devices?" Mohammed One questioned, feeling his body with both of his hands to detect if any were present on his blistered, scarred and regularly dismembered body. Establishing felt a lump along his waistline. "Oh, there it truly is, just where I strapped it while i took my fatal flight. Generate income regret that day! Oh, only when I had to plan my entire life over again. I would do not have become a terrorist! Osama lied for me. Lied! I am not in heaven, however in the hottest place in hell. I'm not really surrounded by virgins. The only women here i will discuss suicide bombers, who are overly hot to handle. And, for the worst situation, I know Allah has sent me here. Allah, the God I worshipped but betrayed. Betrayed and shamed! And Mohammed stood right beside him and only agreed to be as incensed at me. And, most mortifying of the, when Allah gave me the thumbs down, so did The Prophet. Oh, how could I have got done such a miscreant thing?"

"All aboard!" the captain from the doomed airplane tolled. "Time to blow yourselves up again."

With his announcement, a good train of sad, bent, and often tearful terrorists entered from various directions, grumbling while they came, "Not again!" "Will it ever stop?" "I can't embark on forever!" "But it's our punishment from Allah." "And we can never disagree with Allah."

"No, no, I am unable to endure it again!" Mohammed One cried in torment. "I've experienced the hot seat in excess of I can bear!"

"I'm sorry, Mo," among the train of repeatedly doomed Mohammeds said, pressing Mohammed One's shoulder with commiseration. "It is our fate, for eternity."

"Is there no escape?" Mohammed One asked, learning about at the ash-streaked visage of his condemned fellow felonist.

"None," said among the other frightfully burned terrorists.

And the idea of was repeated along the entire line of these repeatedly doomed bombers. "None, none, none, till time is completed!"

Then the red-tailed captain repeated his command, "All aboard. Self-destruction time again! Hesitate and you will probably know a fate worse than incineration and dismemberment! You may even have to read a novel of Western philosophy - maybe The Social Contract. Even worse, a book about the ethic of Reverence for life-long."

"We're coming," among the terrorists complied, and took Mohammed One because of the arm. "Come on. Time and energy to die a violent and terrible death again."

"But we already died seven times today!"

"Yes, but, unfortunately, we have been condemned to eight times daily. So let's go. To make sure in a day's dying."

"I wouldn't mind equally as much if I didn't know it's forever," Mohammed One confessed

. "Neither would I," the other Mohammed confided. "But Allah himself has condemned us to the fate. We did him wrong. He or she is, as we said frequently, great, but, unfortunately for people, we did not understand or know that his greatness included fascination with every living thing, for what we, in our false righteousness, called infidels. Even, God forgive me, fascination with the Americans and also the English. Oh, how you sinned by killing people - innocent people, men, women, children, even babies for their mothers' arms. And how Allah was infuriated by our acts!"

"I will not ever forget that the Prophet Mohammed wept at the very sight of me and also the other bombers who acted along with me," another Mohammed inside the doomed line lamented. "How," he asked, wiping a tear, "could we so disgrace the religion he gave us, whose very name of Islam means peace?"

"Peace?" just one more Mohammed intoned. "And what did we do but wage war against the very name of peace?"

"Oh, sinner, sinner, such a wretched sinner am I and each of us!" expostulated yet another, "Now nothing more than the eternally doomed dupes of Osama Bin Laden!"

"Alas, Osama, I knew him well," commented another. "And soon he too come in hell."

"And wretched as we!" cried another, "Doomed, many, to hell and back on flight after flight. There isn't a hope. No an answer to us at all."

"Come on," the commiserating Mohammed told Mohammed One again. "Time to die but simply once more. And after this flight - a very nice night's sleep on rocks only warm. Up and away and off to our everlasting hot seats we go. The earlier we blow up again, the earlier we can be reassembled and get some blister-free relief."

With that, he tugged again on Mohammed One's arm.

Mohammed One got in touch with at him, knowing his fate was sealed, sealed for all time. So he rose and joined the parade of sullen terrorists while they headed for the doomed plane from the hour.

Up the metal stairs they trod their weary, molten-leaden way.

"I wish I could at least take a cold beverage along with me," Mohammed One sighed.

"We all do," the Mohammed who had consoled him said. "But since we made bombs smooth out of harmless liquids, we have been forbidden to take them aboard. We have to not only die, but, on each flight, die of thirst!"

"Let's go, let's go, last flight of waking time," the stern-browed pilot from the plane called Suicide said, while he hurried them in, and commented by incorporating sarcasm, "No need for a security check. We assume the appointed ones in this flight have concealed their explosive devices."

When all of the them entered, the pilot closed the entrance and went on the cabin. He brushed his tail aside and took his seat.

Behind him sat all of the Islamic terrorists who had killed other human beings, whether on planes or maybe in any other way. They knew that some included in this had a bomb with this trip but not the ones. That was always the mystery, eight flights daily and, worst of all, eights flights daily forever. The most they may hope for was to be near a blast, so their consciousness could be terminated instantly.

They knew from experience the farther away from a bomb we were looking at, the more hideous their deaths, since the plane broke open and they were sucked out on the suffocating sky and spun toward the bone-breaking floor of hell itself.

They heard the engines start and watched the plane keep your distance from the gate. The idea turned and taxied along the runway. When it was at the appointed place, it turned, paused, then hurtled toward takeoff and lifted off on the insubstantial, if smoky, sky.

And, oh, the terror each will felt, as the airplane ascended higher and into the ever thinner air, never knowing quite if your bomb would set off. And then it did. On this occasion, as often happened, the plane exploded into flames, since the bombs on board happened to ignite the plane's fuel.

The doomed passengers were grateful. On this occasion death was instant. And down each will plummeted, blown yet again into incinerated scraps or whole but charred, down, down, backpedal to the worst hell that they had ever imagined, where, once checked for certain death, they would be spontaneously reassembled, in order that they might, on eight more flights in the morning and the following day, for forever, blow themselves up again.

And all they may think about is how religious they thought we were looking at, once, when they continued to be alive - alive with the potential to serve Allah in everyday life, in Allah's gift of life! - and ways in which fooled they were by Osama Bin Laden and also the other irreligious malefactors who headed Al-Qaeda, who lied directly to them and told them that to kill other human beings would please Allah and his prophet Mohammed and that they would surely go on to paradise for the sacrifice with their hijacked lives.

How, oh, how, they wondered and wracked the minds of men, as the repeated flights ravaged their inflamed bodies, could they've got believed these monstrous murderers, these personifications of evil itself, who they took for wise and holy representatives of Allah and his Prophet?

Why had it not occurred directly to them that if there was just one single true God and his name is Allah, He was the God of the humankind, and if He was great, He loved us everyone, and what they had done, in killing any person, had doomed themselves, many, to the worst punishment the God that they had wanted with all their hearts and minds to impress could condemn them to for so long as the tape measure of time unrolled, what now appeared to them, its woeful way.

Oh, once they only had their precious lives to call home over again, how different they will have behaved. How rich in the goat's milk of human kindness, instead of the purveyors of liquid bombs or any bombs in any respect.

But now they knew, knew for all time and to their own wretched shame, that Allah isn't a pal a theirs.

Their only consolation was the certain knowledge that someday Osama Bin Laden and many types of the other terrorist misleaders were likely to be condemned to the same hell, and they awaited the time of his as well as their arrival with harsh questions and hot rocks. Without dream inflamed their imaginations more the time when Osama Bin Laden have to accompany them on flight after flight up from then back down to the eternal infamy and flames of Allah's and Mohammed's justice, which in their infinite harshness seemed to them similar to, if they dared even mention the idea of in regard to God as well as their Prophet, revenge - blistering-hot revenge.

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Had their behavior been so terrible with regards to bring out such a response even from God and Mohammed? It seemed so and, in reality, certain, and that sorrowful realization so increased their woe that they would cry however they had not enough liquids for their parched bodies to offer their tears, and also the few that welled over their lids every time they could squeeze them out evaporated on the overheated air during which they sweltered even between doomed flights, but not only loveless but despised with their God and their Prophet.