All About GPS and How It Works

12/02/2011 12:19

GPS or Navigation Systems are computer systems that use satellites in orbit world wide to provide exact longitudinal and latitudinal position on the user. GPS units were originally created by the Department of Defense for military purposes and therefore are now used on the client level for everyday navigation. Some GPS units sell for less than $100.00 and as long as you have one and have a clear sight on the sky you will never be lost again. In reality most GPS receivers can pinpoint your region on the globe within about 50 feet. GPS units vary in price depending on their quality and capabilities, then when shopping for one it is essential to know what you are planning to use it for.

GPS systems are mostly used by consumers for two purposes, positioning and navigation. GPS units they fit on boats so boaters will surely have an idea of where they can be in comparison to the shoreline. In cars they can be more often equipped to offer directions to the driver from two different points. A number of the more expensive models come with voice capabilities to ensure that drivers don't even need to take their eyes off the road. Many handheld models can be purchased to outdoor enthusiasts for camping, hunting and hiking. These handheld models also range in price depending on their capabilities of course, if the display will come in color or not.

Most GPS units will even provide you with some standard and useful information.....

· An Odometer (Distance you might have traveled)

· Time you've been traveling

· A Speedometer (How fast you are currently traveling)

· Average speed for that journey

· A map of you trail so far

· E.T.A (Estimated duration of arrival)

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GPS units use four satellites orbiting the globe to triangulate your position on the globe and can do so with extreme accuracy. When you are constantly lost in the driver's seat or spend time and effort in the outdoors buying a GPS unit might be the right move for yourself.