Are Cheap Sewing Machines Worth Buying?

12/04/2011 16:56

Cheap sewing machines from Brother or Singer are absolutely worth buying. You can find quite a few models available which might be well constructed, all have the basic features needed for general sewing, and they are priced less than $200. These also are excellent first sewing machines for starters. These machines are not in case you sew for a living, or intend on sewing for many hours and hours.

Hundreds of positive user reviews across the internet prove the longevity of these machines for basic sewing projects such as simple garments, garment repair, home décor projects as well as other crafty items. Several of the heavier machines on this category such as the Brother CS6000I are equipped for making smaller throw size quilts, but the lighter weight machines including the Singer 1507 won't be able to handle most. It's essential to understand what you want to be using the machine for to be able to a purchase.

When researching cheap sewing machines, it is very important read through a sufficient amount of reviews to spot common complaints that may alert you to the potential problems on the particular machine. Also, remember that no single machine are going to be perfect and won't please everyone. Some reviewers won't like the look of the machine, or will complain about plastic parts which might be standard in the industry. Others will sing praises for a machine that has a slower speed which, will make the more experienced hobbyist unhappy.

Look for reviews that specify user friendly set up, consistency of the feed system and period of time owned. When writing your personal review after purchasing equipment, wait until you've had it annually or so to offer a more valuable opinion.

Many of the options in cheap sewing machines are extremely close in make-up and features also it can be difficult to decide what one to buy. In that case, you may need to use your eye to produce the final decision. Will you like the look of a machine better than one other? If a certain machine has great reviews, however, you find the appearance fewer than appealing, then it's more likely to detract from your sewing experience when using it. Go for hot pink one whether or not it makes you smile!

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Brother and Singer have both experienced business for decades and they are well respected by the sewing community. Low priced machines are one in their specialties and you can be assured that such a purchase is worth it. For a list of quality, but cheap sewing machines visit Sewing Machines Review to start out your research.