Automotive GPS and Other Popular Uses of GPS

12/02/2011 13:59

A GPS, or Global positioning system unit, is a satellite-based navigational system. It's comprised of 24 satellites the U.S. Department of Defense placed in orbit, originally for military operations. Inside 1980s the U.S. government exposed the system for civilian use. Consequently Global Positioning Systems are becoming increasingly popular for numerous applications.


GPS works in different weather, in almost any location, at any time. The only places where signals should not be received are caves, tunnels, inside buildings, and under water. Utilizing it does not require a subscription fee or setup charge-it's available liberal to anyone who wants to utilize it. GPS receivers are exceedingly accurate, often to within 15 feet or less.

The GPS consists of three parts: satellites that orbit Earth, control and monitoring stations that is known, and receivers of users. GPS receivers pick-up signals that satellites broadcast. The receiver provides latitude, longitude, altitude, and time.


Many automobiles now take over built-in GPS. Some automotive GPS by Garmin and also other manufacturers contact emergency assistance, while other systems also provide location and direction information.

Occupational applying GPS continue to multiply. There are increased the efficiency and decreased the expense of surveying by reducing site setup some time to dramatically improving accuracy. Foresters and farmers use GPS. Geologists, biologists, and also other scientists use it for its precision timing capability as well as for accurate position information. Commercial fisherman, and professional mariners use GPS.

Drivers and dispatchers utilize it to improve customer service and fleet tracking. It is really an essential tool for public safety, emergency response, and disaster relief. Up, GPS improves pilot communication, navigation, and hazard avoidance. GPS is revolutionizing space exploration.

Recreational uses of Navigation systems continue to expand. Hikers, hunters, snowmobilers, fishermen, and boaters utilize it. In fact, anyone who wants to keep track of where she or he is or figure out how to get from a single place to another will discover a GPS useful. Without GPS the world activity of geocaching wouldn't be possible. GPS has even improved the game of golf by telling golfers what steps they have to hit their balls.


GPS receivers cover anything from relatively small, portable, and affordable handsets for recreational use to an innovative technology manufactured by NASA for high Earth orbit missions. Enhanced technology is making GPS more available within heavy foliage environments. The increasing incorporation of GPS into mobile phones improves emergency response and popularizes its technology.

The newest systems both are more sophisticated and more intuitive than earlier systems. Manufacturer support services improve the accessibility and use of the technology.

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Manufacturers and distributors provide assistance with which GPS systems are fantastic for specific applications. With numerous choices of GPS receivers you can buy, consumer reviews also inform purchases. The Internet is a powerful resource for information about its technology, applications, and equipment as well as the purchase of new and refurbished receivers. Commercial, governmental, and scientific websites educate the public on this growing technology that could soon become part of life.