Baking Projects - Creative Cupcake Decorating Ideas

12/03/2011 14:24

So you would like to serve cupcakes in your next party, along with want to spend quite a number of money purchasing them at a bakery. Why not gather your baking supplies, wear an apron and showcase your own personal confectionary skills?

Whether you call yourself an expert baker or want cupcake decorating for the first time, you may make your cupcakes look equally as fabulous (maybe even more-so) as being the ones at your local bakery.

Cupcake Decorating for your Beginner Baker

If you aren't a highly trained cupcake artist, there are some simple cupcake decorating 'cheats' you'll be able to implement to fool you and your guests. Visit your local craft store and head straight for your baking supplies aisle. Here you will see a variety of tools, ideas and decorating accessories you can use to craft your cupcake creations.

Some of the baking supplies you can use to craft your creative cupcakes include:


Colored icing - Using food coloring or pre-made colored frosting is the easiest way to add some flair on your cupcakes. Sprinkles/Sugars - If you're short on time, using colored sprinkles or sugars may help hide any imperfections in your frosting and put in a subtle decorative touch. Decorative baking cups - Baking cups give a simple way to dress up the look of your cupcake. Using cups that suit your theme will impress you and your guests. Candy melts/molds - Using melted chocolate to build small decorations is a simple way to make your cupcakes personal. Plus, your guests will think you spent hours decorating, when really it only took minutes. Pre-made sugar shapes - You can purchase pre-made flowers, leaves, holiday accents along with other shapes that lay on top of your cupcake. Cupcake stands - Cupcake stands immediately you could make your cupcakes stand out. You can purchase a variety of stands that could showcase your cupcakes like little art pieces.

Cupcake Decorating for the Confectionary Queen or King

If you might be a master baker, in which case you really need to tap into your creativity to generate cupcakes that will look as delicious since they taste. If you put money into decorating tips and pastry bags, your imagination will be your only limitation.

Decorating tips and pastry bags are available at your local craft store within the baking supplies area. In the event you invest in a variety of tips, it is also possible to create artistic cupcakes that could impress even the most experienced baker. And the truth is, these are the exact tools your local bakery uses to decorate their cupcakes.

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Once you try out your different tips, you'll be able to decorate cakes and cupcakes for the occasion. Using a grass tip you can create cupcakes perfect for an outdoor party, leaf and drop flower tips permit you to make the perfect decorations for birthdays, baby showers, or weddings, with a basket-weave tip you can create a treat for Easter or Mothers day. Your local bakery probably works on the swirl tip to decorate their cupcakes, and if you're in a hurry it is probably the simplest way to create a fancy cupcake within a few minutes.