Best Selling GPS And Navigating Devices

12/02/2011 11:50

GPS and Satellite Navigation aids, or sat navs, have a place in almost every car. These little technological devices have gone from luxury to necessity really short time. High end vehicles now are including sat navs as standard, showing that definitely they are here to stay. The Garmin nuvi 1370/1370T can be a popular choice many different of today's motorists. This neat and compact sat nav has a large 4.2 inch vast screen display with touch-screen for ease of use. It can be pre loaded with city navigator maps of both United states and Europe, and switching to the public transport mode allows you to see metro, tramway, buses and rail systems. The built in blue tooth allows you to make calls with a compatible mobile. A Traffic information technique are included in the 1370T model.


The Garmin nuvi 265W/265WT can be another popular navigation system that's found its place in the market. This ultra thin, sleek model is great for popping into your pocket if you are traveling and are going to use a hire car. North of manchester American city navigator maps are pre loaded this means you will also be used as a portable blue tooth device to permit hands free calling that has a compatible cell phone. Some.3 inch touchscreen is due to full color and is well lit for driving at night.

If you are looking for a gps system with a larger display, browse the Garmin nuvi 1450LMT. Costing around $190, this is usually a highly sophisticated item of equipment perfectly suited to the off the shelf traveler. There are over Six million points of interest listed in over 48 states, there are free traffic and map updates to hold you up to date with the constant changes you have to contend with while driving on today's busy highways. The 5 inch color display unit has returned lit and has full touchscreen technology. There are actually advanced navigation tools constructed into this unit, including voice activated instructions to look at you round every twist and turn of suburban driving. Other travel tools include a world clock, JPEG picture reader and currency converter.

For an extra $10 you can be the proud owner of the Garmin nuvi 1490 LMT. It really is all the features of the 1450LMT but that extra $10 gets you built in bluetooth with built in microphone and speaker to offer you hands free talking whilst you drive. It also explains the economy routes to obtain from A to B quicker thus save your time and money. Overall, really the only difference between the units will be the addition of bluetooth, and this also is well worth $10 of anyone's money.

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If you are looking at satellite navigation on a budget, you simply will not go far wrong with all the Garmin nuvi 205W. Between $90, this sat nav basically does precisely what is says on the tin. Some.3 inch screen is touchscreen and displays maps in the 2D and 3D. The handy locater which informs you exactly where you are is invaluable if you suffer a puncture or ought to call the emergency services. The 'hotfix' feature calculates your exact position within a few moments to get you on your way quicker. Overall, if you need a sat nav to obtain from A - B, this little unit is good.