Black and Decker Infrawave Speed Oven

12/03/2011 14:30

Black and Decker has become a trusted name in appliances for a long time, not only kitchen items and also shop tools found in many homes just like drills and circular saws. The brand new Black and Decker Infrawave Speed Oven is surely an innovative solution to problems everyone has with conventional means of cooking.

For instance, within a conventional microwave or gas/electric cook stove, there's the problem with defrosting. Despite the fact that a microwave commonly has a setting for defrost, this does not always work well. You can definitely find after defrosting within a microwave that portions of the food are partially cooked, season thing.

With the Black and Decker Infrawave Speed oven, you just take the food outside the freezer and put it inside oven! You don't have to thaw your food or preheat the oven! An excellent option for working people that do not have got a lot of time. If that is too little, this oven also cooks your food in half the time being a conventional oven!

This oven works with a different technology than microwave or traditional ovens; it uses infrared light to cook the food. It cooks from the outside in, unlike a microwave that cooks from within. This means that your food is going to be brown and crispy on the outside of as if cooked within a regular oven.

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Clean up is straightforward with the Black and Decker Infrawave Speed Oven as all the accessories you use when cooking can be easily removed and cleaned. There are lots of built in menu what you should choose from or you can input your own options, the choice is yours. They are also offering extra accessories should you buy this item, like a grilling or broiling rack, two all purpose baking pans, a simple grip pan holder, plus a cooking tips DVD. You'll get a bonus dual speed chopper, a thirty-dollar value with getting this product.