Brand Makes a Difference in GPS Car Navigation

12/02/2011 12:13

With gas prices going higher greater, all of us are trying different way and means to reach where we're going as economically as you possibly can. Surely, in such a situation you must know about a technology that's fixed on your dashboard - the GPS car navigation. But can be you do not know that buying Navigation system of your own could be both confusing and expensive. This article might help you in selecting a unit that fits your financial budget.

First of all try to recognize that the basic concept of GPS car navigation device is: to find where you are and to show you how to go the spot where you want to go. To square upright with the market competition, a growing number of new features are incorporated their units from the manufacturers to make you buy their product. Knowing about these features will help you in buying the right system.

Almost all GPS receivers are pre-programmed with assorted destinations, known as Neat places to see (POIs), which makes the going, the spot where you wish to go, super easy! Touch screen technology is incorporated in this unit so that you can start the tip of your finger.

Let's know who makes GPS car navigation technology.

Many manufacturers make quality products, although the top three brands are: Magellan, Tom Tom, and Garmin. the GPS system you choose should be supported with after sales service if anything fails in future.

Garmin of course, is leading in the market, with a market share as high as 70%. Garmin offers different types of models at different rate levels. All around Garmin is TomTom, who even offers many models at competitive rates. Actually Magellan is probably the pioneer companies that offered Navigation technology!

Garmin Carrying StreetPilot 010 10231 01 systems Garmin Nüvi 710 755t Charger Quantum MiniQ Extended Real Time Battery Magellan 3045LM RoadMate GPS Receiver GA ZCHG Vehicle Garmin Replaces 010 10747 03 Garmin Nuvi StreetPilot Suction Dashboard Magellan Vehicle Charger Windshield original Car Vent Mount Apple iPad Callaway uPro MX GPS Humminbird 7400871 Trolling Motor Adapter SleuthGear iTrail Logger Magnetic Case Motorcycle WEATHERPROOF Handlebar Mount Garmin GPX JM250S MONITOR KARAOKE MACHINE DeLorme AE 008372 201 Earthmate PN 60w America ARKON TTO129 ST RVC TomTom Removable Mount Humminbird Waterproof Chartplotter Navionics Pre loaded Magellan 5145T LM Roadmate Auto GPS Arkon CM910 Universal Mount Bundle GARMIN 010 10823 00 Suction Cup Mount Lowrance Endura Out Back Handheld ACR GlobalFix 2842 Category Auto Release Oregon Scientific Fitness Trainer Purple Jensen Vm9114 Touchscreen Single Player Innovatek Multimedia Bluetooth internet adapter Mounts Brake Clutch Clamp Mount CB MNT STICKY Universal Sticky Anti Slip Sunglasses RAM Mounting Systems RAM HOL GA19U StreetPilot TomTom Carrying Case Strap Black RAM Cradle Holder Garmin 2460LMT TTGO SPH GAFM Mini Friction Mount TomTom Garmin GPSMAP 12 1 Inch Waterproof Chartplotter Furuno FCV620 Waterproof Fishfinder Transducer Garmin Charger Adapter Colorado Streetpilot Garmin TOPO Texas microSD Card Magellan RoadMate 2055 Navigator Bluetooth Garmin 1350t 1370t 1390t Charger Mount Tab Tite Holder Motorola XOOM Magellan RoadMate 1212 3 5 Inch Navigator Globalsat Waterproof External Receiver without Lexerd TomTom TrueVue Anti Glare Protector TomTom 130S Adapter Power Charger GAFM BKT400 Portable Friction Garmin DeLorme US Software AE 8176 203 Earthmate Magellan Portable Dashboard Friction ChargerCity Garmin C Charger Forerunner 201 Garmin standard plastic transom trolling Garmin Northern Minnesota Nebraska microSD Garmin RAM mounting kit replacement Garmin nüMaps America Onetime detailed Expandable Holder Bracket Garmin StreetPilot

Prior to buying a GPS car navigation system yourself, learn a website that can supply you with information in detail on GPS quality brands in the market and to find the right system for you.