Brother 25-Stitch Sewing Machine - Great Selection for Sewing Beginners

12/04/2011 17:05

The Brother 25-stitch sewing machine is straightforward but very economical. It is equally a practical choice for those who're starting to learn how to sew. It's equipped with features that are very useful for beginners.

What do you expect from a basic machine? Surprisingly, there are various of them. Brother 25-stitch sewing machines come with 25 stitching functions which you can use to create different patterns to your sewing projects. There are also 26 built-in stitches, that include heirloom, utility, and decorative.

These features are not only seen used for sewing. You can also maximize them to your embroidery and quilting projects. You will also learn to love the accessories that can come along with the 25-stitch sewing machine from Brother. They are bobbins, spool pins, foot control, darning plates, as well as power cord, to name a few.

Advantages of The Brother 25-stitch Sewing Machine

1. It is an affordable sewing machine.

These days it is just a lot harder for someone to look for a sewing machine that may be less than hundred dollars. Normally, these are more than that, especially if there are many advanced features that are included. Though the Brother 25-stitch sewing machine is a basic one, you can't also judge being primitive. It has buttonholers and automatic needle threaders. However you can get them, combined with the features mentioned above, at $99.

2. It offers one-step buttonholer.

There are several more highly technological sewing machines that don't have buttonholers. Others do, but a majority of of them are four-step buttonholers. The 25-stitch model is included with one, and it is considered one-step. This is actually a potential favorite for budding commercial sewers, since the function definitely makes it possible for save a lot of time.

3. The bobbin winding product is good.

The bobbin winding mechanism of your model is what you are able to call as drop-in. Therefore the bobbin will just automatically wind itself of your thread. You don't need to take out the case from the sewing machine for you to accomplish this one.

4. Every tool imagine is handy.

All the instruments you may need for an excellent finish to your sewing project can all be placed in an accessory set. This equipment, moreover, can be utilized for quilting, embroidery, mending, and sewing. Furthermore, the set is put in a handy case, allowing you to bring them with you anywhere.

Disadvantages of The Brother 25-stitch Sewing Machine

1. There's not a lot of projects you can expect to do here.

You can discover sewing equipment that are loaded with more quantity of stitching functions. Hence, you know you can be very limited when you stick to the 25-stitch model.

2. You might need to manually adjust the strain and stitch dimensions.

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Since there's not a lot of controls that you may find in the sewing machine, you may have to spend some time manually adjusting the settings. These may include the length and width of your stitches, as well as the tension of your sewing machine, depending on the fabric that you'll be working on.