Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Will Make You Think that a Professional Seamstress

12/04/2011 16:33

With features that happen to be exclusively its own, the Brother CS6000i is most likely the best sewing machine by starter and experienced sewers alike.

A new sewing machine for starter and experienced sewers

Unlike sewing machines that happen to be used for just one purpose like basic stitching, the computerized Brother CS6000i touches every area where stitching is needed. Be it for quilting and for home fashions, this machine offers quite a bit to offer.

Not just a quilter's machine the Brother CS6000i rocks in clothing construction with 7 buttonhole styles to pick from plus overcast, stretch and blind hem stitches.

There is usually an amazing computerized LCD screen that displays the many stitching settings this also alone makes this new sewing machine stand out among the rest.

The Brother CS6000i New sewing machine is Super Easy to Learn

This computerized new sewing machine is user friendly providing an easy-to-understand interface. It allows a wide variety of stitch selection providing quick access to every type of stitch a variety of fabrics and threads.

The Brother CS6000i can operate on 60 different stitches and simple to learn. The LCD display not only displays the settings you are using but also the sorts of stitch that are suitable, the adequate foot, and also the length and width of each stitch.

Tons of Amazing Features a professional Seamstress Would Love

Moreover, besides giving a wide range in stitches, the Brother CS6000i also provides for a range of 6 feet to pick from. The types of foot to pick from are Buttonhole foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Blind stitch foot, Button fitting foot and Overcasting foot.

Change your stitch length with the intuitive, user-friendly and uncomplicated computerized stitch selection along with other sewing setting you've got selected. The top-loading bobbin is designed for seeing when your thread is low. Also there is a handy auto speed control that will assist you to sew more consistently.

Sew Quickly and Flawlessly for the Brother Sewing Machine

This is a well made machine that permits home users to handle full projects, crafting, mending and alterations. Sewing is quick with hardly any flaws.

The Brother CS6000i computerized new sewing machine can help one save costs of tailoring heavy curtains, drapes and cushion covers. The appliance is heavy duty and caters to every need of the starter and experienced sewers.

With easy crafting anybody can take the advantage of decorating the home with many wonderful home-made and neatly stitched crafts. In an effort to provide the users with a comfortable stitching experience, this electronic machine has dual LED lighting which doesn't strain the eye to ensure operators can see their stitches clearly.

A Mid-Range New sewing machine that is Flexible

For petty stitching like stitching of cuffs, sleeves and buttons anybody can easily remove the free arm attachment. Individuals stitching consistently often complain concerning the unraveling of stitches. So as to make it easier for the user, Brother CS6000i features a specialized button for reverse sewing. This button really helps to lock every stitch so that it does not unravel.

Also, for a machine like the Brother cs600i, have to have to worry about proper storage since it comes with a hard cover case for quick and easy storing it keep. It's also light and simple to carry around so that it is easy to sew within spots throughout the house.

How the Brother CS6000i Works

The manual thread cutter and simple insert bobbin are the most important parts of this new sewing machine. The bobbin can be easily inserted as well as the manual thread cutter eliminates the advantages of the handling and use of scissors.

Moreover the threading on this computerized sewing machine is automatically done with the helpful needle threader. The 110 volt Brother new sewing machine gives its users the decision between foot control or while using the button start/stop feature.

For easy piercing and pivoting of fabric, the Brother CS6000i is installed with a button that is the needle up/needle down button.

An Exceptionally Helpful Manual

To help the users of the Brother CS6000i with any issue they may face, the device includes an exceptionally helpful manual that could have you sewing just like a professional seamstress in no time. The Brother CS6000i also features a quilting table that would be amazing to use for larger projects.

The Pros and Cons of the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine



The Brother CS6000i has computerized stitch selection coupled with an LCD display that displays a summary of all stitching settings. A top-loading bobbin to assist see when your thread is low Automatic needle threading A quite running new sewing machine that covers a number of stitching similar to some robust machines. It is great value for money which most users will enjoy for the years to come. Plus, the Brother CS6000i has a 25 year warranty. Taking into consideration the variety it provides in foot, stitches and button holes, the Brother CS6000i offers features present in some higher end machines. A Lightweight sewing machine that's very mobile around.


The Brother CS6000i is a superb machine overall, but it really has some drawbacks.


The bobbin can jam sometimes if having a cheap thread. A somewhat slow back stitch.

Stop your searching and have the Brother CS6000i new sewing machine. You'll be glad you did. The price is perfect for the beginner this also sewing machine has enough features to draw the experienced sewer. Look around and you'll have trouble finding something as nice simply because this even at twice the purchase price.

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The Brother CS6000i is a New sewing machine that is very easy to implement and come with every foot and accessory you'd ever need. The onboard computer stitch selection is a joy to use. The Brother CS6000i will grow to you as your sewing skills increase and support your many creations for a long time.