Brother ES2000 Sewing Machine Review

12/04/2011 17:25

The Brother ES2000 created a name for itself for the super lightweight, its bright green trim, along with a sprinkling of stitches that accommodate different types of sewing from basic mending to clothes construction and quilting. Because doing so weighs only 11 pounds and contains an easy control panel, this can be perfect for beginners or kids.

Brother ES2000 Stitch Patterns There is a total of 40 built-in stitches including five auto-sizing, one-step buttonholes. Your available choice of decorative quilting stitches means beginners can explore heirloom projects. Stitches include straight, zigzag, a variety of overcasting stitches, blind hem, shell tuck, several decorative joining stitches, along with a number of satin stitches. Stitch width and length are adjustable on certain stitches which expands the functionality of this sewing machine.

Brother ES2000 Presser Feet Included with this machine are seven snap-on presser feet to assist with mending or making clothes, quilting, and a few craft sewing: General Purpose, Buttonhole, Overcasting, Monogramming, Zipper, Blind Stitch, along with a Button Fitting presser foot.

Brother ES2000 Machine Features For beginners, sewing machines which can be easy to operate undoubtedly are a blessing and the Brother ES2000 makes bobbin winding and loading as fundamental as can be with one-step bobbin replacement through their quick set drop in application. The appliance worktable removes for free-arm sewing, the automated needle threader makes getting the machine ready to sew easier on tired eyes along with the machine comes with a range of needles to handle several different fabrics including cotton, taffeta, flannel, gabardine, satin, denim, corduroy, tweed and knits.

A twin needle and 2nd spool pin are provided to help you to create parallel lines of stitch work utilizing the same or different colored threads. Reverse is completed through use of a push button on the front of the machine. Top thread is made through vertical thread delivery.

Maximum operating speed is 850 stitches every minute, thread tension is dial adjustable, as there are accessory storage from the machine body. Should the sewing machine runs into a difficulty, one of 6 error codes and one of three beeping sounds will indicate the of the problem and codes are well defined inside the instruction manual.

A number of accessories are included to assist with common sewing and machine maintenance tasks say for example a seam ripper, extra needles and bobbins, a cleaning brush, along with a screwdriver. Maintenance is not difficult and can be done without the additional tools other than the ones provided.

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The Brother ES2000 machine has been around for awhile now but carries on deliver on a solid good reputation for consistent sewing and in some cases stitches. It is fun to work with and the use of vibrant colored trim around the LCD panel certainly causes it to become stand out from other, plain white sewing machines.