Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine Review

12/04/2011 17:25

The Brother LS2125i machine is very simple machine an excellent option for those regular mending tasks, light home projects, or for those just starting to learn to sew - especially kids. Is it doesn't perfect starter machine for under $100.


It's portable, electric and contains a built in handle tucked inside back for easy movement. The device is white with light and medium blue trim.

Brother LS2125i Stitch Patterns You'll find 10 built-in stitches that accommodate all basic mending and clothes construction work: a four-step automatic buttonhole, 3 types of zigzag stitches, a zigzag satin stitch, straight stitch, stretch blind hem, shell tuck, with an elastic stitch.

There a wide range of more expensive machines in case you want to get into crafting, fill up embroidery sewing, or design entire wardrobe collections but this machine is ideal for those who need to do an occasional call repair, make a child's play or Outfit, or complete some decorating projects like curtains, tablecloths, and placemats.

Brother LS2125i Presser Feet Four snap-on style presser feet consist of this machine: Zigzag, Buttonhole, Zipper, as well as Button Sewing foot. Changing presser feet is easy and does not require the using any special tools.

These are standard, low-shank presser feet most useful for mending and making clothes. They generate it easier to create buttonholes, attach zippers and in many cases sew buttons onto fabric.

Brother LS2125i Machine Features The extension arm with this machine slips off for you to perform free-arm sewing to end off cuffs or hem pant legs. A reverse lever also that comes with the front of the machine is employed to lock completed stitches in place. It is suitable for light, manual embroidering, monogramming and applique stitches and handles light and medium weight fabrics.

There is often a built in work lamp, a bag for accessories that is stored in a compartment in the extension arm itself, as well as machine is compatible with a twin needle for decorative sewing. A buttonhole fine-adjusting screw lets you tighten or loosen the buttonhole stitch to pay for a multitude of buttonhole options from small, cuff buttonholes to larger button openings. Extra bobbins, needles, a darning plate, twin needle and screwdriver appear in the accessory bag.

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Beginners discover the Brother LS2125i so easy to know that they are sewing during first minutes. Even young children discover the easy controls and good-sized knobs and levers very easy to use. Experienced sewers who simply want a simple backup machine for simple tasks would find this useful. Idea easier to have a second machine handy rather than have to arrange a full-sized home sewing or embroidery machine for a simple sewing task.