Brother LX 3125 Sewing Machine Review

12/04/2011 17:22

Nice sized levers and controls make the Brother LX 3125 new sewing machine one of the best sewing machines for wants a set of solid, utility stitches and simple operation.

It's lightweight, extremely portable, and perhaps has a built-in handle over the rest the machine.

This is a very basic new sewing machine perfect as a backup machine or teach young children ways to sew. There are no complicated settings to worry about.

Brother LX 3125 Stitch Patterns Many of today's home sewing machines have a programmed set of stitch patterns called "built-in stitches". You will discover 14 such stitches with this machine including a straight stitch with all the needle in the center, a straight stitch with all the needle to the left (that will help get close to seam edges), several kinds of zigzag stitches, a stretch blind hem stitch, a shell tuck stitch for hemming, and an elastic stitch. Additionally there is a four-step automatic buttonhole maker.

Stitch length is adjustable up to 4mm and stitch width adjustable approximately 5mm.

Stitches are selected by rotating the easy-to-grasp dial on the machine front towards the desired pattern.

Brother LX 3125 Presser Feet Four snap-on style presser feet are included with purchase. The presser foot lever has 3 height settings - regular down position, up, and an extra high up for thicker fabrics. These presser feet are the General Purpose foot used for most sewing, a Buttonhole foot for making buttonholes fast and easy, a Zipper foot for zipper attachment, and a Button Sewing foot that allows you to use the machine to attach two and four hole buttons.

Brother LX 3125 New sewing machine Features Not all machines in this price range include the chance to perform twin needle sewing. Which has a twin needle, you can create parallel lines of stitches with similar color thread or two different colors. These parallel lines produce more creative hemming options and still provide an opportunity to add a dose of creativity to your sewing projects.

Other features include:


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A darning plate is included in the accessory kit to ensure that patching clothes or repairing tears can be carried out quickly. Stitching is smooth and perhaps and the foot pedal responds appropriately to pressure across all sewing speeds - slow to fast. For all those just learning to sew, the Brother LX 3125 provides a reasonably priced entrance to this particular exciting hobby.