Brother PC 210 PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine Review

12/04/2011 16:49

The Brother PC 210 PRW Project Runway new sewing machine is not just popular due to the hit television show. It is usually quite a high functioning machine with great performance. On the list of features that shines the most is the well-organized appearance and kind of this sewing machine. The very best folds up to help you access the thread spool and bobbin winder but lays go into reverse when not in use so things are hidden away and unlike most home sewing machines, the accessory storage is really a drawer with organized slots like the presser feet and tools.

This is really a computerized sewing machine which is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced seamstresses. It is not only a great dressmaking machine, but it surely has some nifty features for quilting and free motion work, too, along with the most popular automation features on today's home sewing machines - horizontal thread delivery, push button controls, programmable needle up/down button, and drop feed dog capability.

Brother PC 210 Stitch Patterns This machine comes with 50 built-in stitches. Sixteen would be the most used utility stitches for example straight, zigzag, stretch, and blind hem. Thirty-four decorative stitches and five types of one-step buttonholes complete the assortment.

Stitch length can be adjusted up to 5mm and stitch width adjustable nearly 7mm.

Brother PC 210 Presser Feet Seven snap-on style, low shank presser feet have this machine: Buttonhole foot, Overcasting foot, Monogramming, Zipper, Zigzag, Blind Stitch, plus the Button Fitting foot.

Presser foot pressure can be adjusted to four settings having a dial located into the back of the new sewing machine. This makes the machine more capable of handling anything from sheer fabrics without bunching to thicker fabrics and quilt pieces.

The General Purpose presser foot (referred to as Zigzag foot by Brother) carries a leveling button you possibly can push when you need to sew up and over thick seams as can occur when sewing or altering jeans and denim.

Brother PC2 210 Features A structured machine with lots of stitches are some things, but how does this machine operate? Fortunately, just as you'd hope. Stitches are smooth and in many cases, the machine runs quietly, and there's no shortage of automation buttons and yet the ability to adjust settings when needed.

These features include a known as, LED operating panel, Start/Stop sewing button, 14 needle positions, a Quick-Set bobbin, Automatic Reverse/Reinforce stitch button, programmable Needle Up/Down button, along with an automatic needle threader.

Maximum sewing speed is 850 stitches a minute but a speed control slider for the machine can cap the machine's maximum speed when you wish to perform more delicate are employed at a slower speed.

Brother PC210 Accessories Quite a few standard sewing tools have the machine including extra sewing needles, a cleaning brush, screwdrivers, spool nets, and spool caps. A challenging cover case is likewise included - an issue that most basic home sewing machines require that you simply purchase separately. Another neat feature will be the eyelet punch accessory which helps you make decorative belt holes on fabric belts.

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The Brother PC210 new sewing machine performs well and supplies a nice selection of stitches for all those kinds of sewing.