Brother Xl2610 Sewing Machine - Reviewing the Brother Xl2610

12/04/2011 17:29

If you will be new to the wonderful world of sewing, there may be no better machine versus the Brother xl2610 sewing machine. This has been designed with ease of use at heart, but even so it offers enough features to keep even an experienced sewer happy, all at a cost that will fit any budget.

The Brother xl2610 sewing machine can do it all, from mending to fancy stitching. By incorporating machines you need to manually adjust settings to pick out the right stitch. Low number of with the xl2610.

That's because this machine incorporates 25 built in stitches as well as 59 stitch functions. Because there are many settings being pre-set, it's not necessary to fiddle around in choosing your stitches.

Brother xl2620 Built-In Stitches

Included within the 25 stitches is a wonderful variety of quilting, decorative and stretch stitches, as well as lots of basic stitches for making clothes. A really handy stitch would be the blind- hem stitch. This will make sewing hems quite simple while giving you professional quality results, even though sewing on stretch fabric, and this can be tricky for beginners.

Brother xl2610 Stitch Functions

Stitch functions assist you to adjust the length, width, or direction from the different stitch patterns to make your own unique variations. One of the 59 stitch patterns are basics like straight or zigzag, but also included are several stretch and joining stitches, along with the four step buttonholer.

Brother xl2610 Free Arm Design

The free arm feature permits a lot of flexibility on this sewing machine. With a regular machine it's nearly impossible to sew shirt sleeve cuffs or pant legs, however it's not a problem for this Brother machine.

The xl2610 is the ideal machine for both large and small projects. Use it to sew or mend clothing. It's also great for craft projects, for instance doing fancy stitching on scrapbooking paper, or sewing trim on the costume. It easily goes through thick layers of fabric, including denim and canvas, so sewing pockets for example, is no problem.

I love the automated needle threader and the fact that I can use it for heavier materials with no needle breaking or perhaps the machine locking up. This happened a lot with my old machine. Practical goal good at making buttonholes however had success on this machine. I also need to admit that I love the pink accents to the machine.

It's lightweight and portable and that's a big advantage. You can actually put it away if it is not being used or even move it from place to place. Why not take it together with you if you decide to work at a friend's house or please take a sewing class? After all, the best way to learn to sew is using your own machine. Because of this you can practice while using machine you'll be using in your house.

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All things considered, the Brother xl2610 sewing machine is an affordable, versatile machine with plenty of features for both beginners as well as those with more experience sewing. Referring highly recommended by can provide homeowners actually bought and tried it.