Build Your

12/05/2011 01:16

Word associations really I consider to be the primary creativity building exercise. It could be a simple improv comedy drill.

You are capable of doing a word association with someone. First you say a thing, and then your partner says the primary word that comes to his mind, then you definitely say the first word, program says the first word, then you definitely say the first word, et cetera and so on.

However you can also make this happen on your own and play bingo by yourself. Just say a thing, then say the first word that comes to your mind, then the next word that comes to your mind, then the next word, et cetera and so on. It sounds simple, nevertheless it gets complicated.

What there are when you do this will be the first four or five words will happen very easy because as soon while you say one word your thoughts instantly comes up with the next four or five.

Once you obtain beyond that is when you will be tapping into your creativity. You will need to open your mouth and talk and find out what comes out.

You'll know you have your subconscious when you go fast and it's really word after word after word. If you carry out this and you pause, or hesitate, or stutter a little bit or stammer, then what you are doing is thinking about things in the conscious mind.

You like to get to a point where you can buy 30 seconds, or a minute, or simply just keep going without ever having that hesitation, because you are really bypassing the conscious mind and tapping into your creativity.

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This is only a muscle building exercise. It builds the creativity muscle. You aren't going to use this exercise to eliminate all of your problems. Just saying a word is not really going to provide you with a whole lot in terms of results, properly apply this mentality, if you build this muscle then rub it to say, generating ideas, you obtain some very interesting issues that come up very quickly.