Can Anyone Learn to be Funny?

12/05/2011 01:10

Probably misused greatest asset which now you may ever have in conversations may be the ability to make people laugh.

Whether you are asking your supervisor for a raise, actually talking to someone who you like, or just trying to be the popular individual who everyone wants to be around, you will definately get light years ahead only if you can make them laugh.

An interesting, but secret fact is that laughter can be a response which is a subconscious technique of saying to someone else "I wish to bond with you". Is it any wonder that countless surveys have indicated that the number one desired characteristic in the opposite sex, for both sexes, can be a sense of humour.

But can someone actually learn to be funny? Is it necessary to be born using a particular natural talent for humour, which without having, there's no chance for you? Are a few people permanently condemned to your lifetime of boredom and unpopularity, never capable of hold their own in a very conversation, while the 'natural funny guys' effortlessly grab the approval of everyone present? It is possible to secret to being funny?

Many naturally funny people, even most stand-up comedians, will show you that humour "just comes" that is the only way it can be be produced. If you don't contain a natural sense of humour, although funny.

But is this true?

Imagine as it were, being able to make anyone laugh as you desire. No matter what the situation, just being able to turn anything in to a well-crafted, make-everyone-laugh joke. Always be able to insert that killer funny line into any conversation. What would you achieve with this ability which outshines the 'naturals'? How easy would conversations be down the road? How much would your confidence improve knowing you may always carry around along with you the effortless secret of powerful humour?

But are these claims possible? Can humour actually 'be learnt'?

I would love you for a moment to think to your school days while you had to learn that subject which everyone loved called - mathematics. Now, a lot of people found mathematics rather easy and picked it quite fast, whilst some didn't take to it good and plodded along kinda slowly. You'll find 'naturals' at mathematics too. In the end, everyone actually learnt to perform mathematics. Everyone actually learnt as a way to do addition and subtraction very easily. The heavier stuff not everyone got, nevertheless it soon became obvious that even those that at first had trouble, using a bit of study and also a bit of work, that it was possible for anyone to manage to develop the ability to 'do mathematics'.

So exactly what is going on here? Well, mathematics is primarily a left-brain activity. Now a lot of people are naturally 'left-brained' people and for that reason have an advantage at left-brained stuff like mathematics. However, even those that aren't 'left-brained' people can easily still exercise that portion of their brain and develop it to any level they choose. All it requires a little bit more work. The same holds true for humour. Humour is primarily a right-brain activity. Some people may not be naturally 'right-brained' people, nonetheless they can still develop this portion of their brain. Who then can learn humour?

Anyone who's got ever laughed at the joke can learn to be funny!

That's just about everyone right? Okay, sounds great, but exactly how do I learn to be funny? Well, how did you learn to do mathematics? First you were given a formula, then you practiced using it over and over again. It was hard in the beginning - you really had to think. But after doing a lot of problems, it was easy. You could do this it in your sleep. It will be the same with humour.

So it is possible to formula to being funny?

Make yourself comfortable here because We are about to share with you the key to all humour.

The mental faculties operates by continuously looking for patterns. It does this so that it can constantly predict the results of a situation. Every time a story is began, the mind immediately finds a familiar pattern to associate it to, so that it can predict where it's. But when this pattern is disrupted and also a connection is suddenly built to an entirely new and unexpected pattern, laughter occurs because new connection manufactured.

Okay, that's a bit heavy. So how exactly does it actually work?

Well lets take a sample.

"Before you criticise someone, make sure you walk a mile for their shoes. That way while you do, you will be miles away and have their shoes."

A bit of an old classic, nevertheless it clearly demonstrates whatever we are talking about. The first of this line - the setup - generates a mental pattern helping to make you think a certain way. Whenever we just left it here, you'd be thinking I am looking to tell you to be slow to criticise someone and first try to understand them. Now I've not actually said this, even so the mental pattern predicts this outcome. However, once i drop the second part - the point - all of a sudden this first pattern is interrupted and also a connection is made to a wholly new, unexpected pattern. I am just telling you to make sure you can get away with it and find the advantage. The important thing is though, that there's still a connection involving the first part plus the second part - still it makes sense. It is just not whatever you first expected. The very first pattern has been disrupted. This is why all humour is established.

So how can I use that to become funny?

First create a setup. You say something which has an implied outcome. "I sooo want to tell you just what a great job you are doing"

The implied effect can result in that I like the job this individual is doing and I am complimenting them. But then I slam 'em while using punch line. "But I don't want to ruin my honest reputation."

Okay, not nearly the outcome expected, nevertheless it still makes sense. This really is humour.

All this might appear like a complicated process, but this can be a formula for making people laugh. Can recall the first time you were given a mathematics formula to experiment with around with? It absolutely was long and complicated in the beginning, but with a bit of practice it soon became easy. The use of this formula to produce lots of jokes, soon it will be automatic. You may have trained your mind to instantly create humour on command. You may have learnt to be funny.

What We've just shared with you may be the basic formula to become funny on command. The number one resource which I recommend to supercharge your humour to incredible heights inside seven days is an e-book called "How to become FUNNY!" provided by Stanley Lyndon. This not only walks you step by step how to create humour but gives a wealth of techniques you can instantly use to increase your humour to gut-tearing proportions! You can aquire this unbelievable e-book by going here.

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