Children's Greed

12/05/2011 01:33

Children are an amazing bunch irrespective of their up bringing option to a particular bunch that's quite unique. Greedy children. In most cases the greed might be brought about by a number of conditions that mainly manifest once the person is an adult however in other cases it's simply as a result of poor upbringing from the parents. Greedy children do however possess a positive side in their mind and the one that pops into your head instantly is that they are very amusing and entertaining.

Greedy children will eat anything under the sun as long as it is small compared to they are and does not bite back. This makes them a good source of comedy especially at parties along with social occasions. The kid will eat everything within sight towards the embarrassment of the parents and to the amusement of he other party goers.

The jokes however ended when this child approaches you with sticky fingers wanting to attack you and your plate full force. After all this the humor is completely gone and is replaced by feelings of fear and dread. Greedy children are quite the interesting bunch and also at the end of the day they're simply adorable maybe you are friend, foe and the obstruction from the buffet table.

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For a real child to be controlled is very easy but it will need a lot of will power from the parents although playing dead at such trying times is always an option. To fully circumvent these behavioral issues it's important for the parents to show the children good manners through the onset to avoid dealing with greed later on in life. Children are truly a gift and each and every single thing they are doing is to be marveled at and enjoyed.