Choosing Accessories For Your Food Displays

12/03/2011 14:37

Whether you chance a bakery that specializes in delicious brownies and fresh bread, an frozen goodies parlor that boasts the most important selection of toppings in your area, or even a candy store filled with a variety of bulk unwrapped candies, you know how important it is to own plenty of food grade acrylic containers for your use.

Yet, food grade acrylic bins aren't the one tools you need to properly store and display your baked goods and bulk unwrapped candies; moreover, you may need tools that may both allow your customers to easily access the food whilst the food clean at all times.

Plastic or Aluminum Tongs

You will find food grade acrylic containers intended to hold unwrapped food items such as donuts and bagels with plastic or aluminum tongs already attached. Some of these kinds of containers even such as a special side "pocket" for placing the tongs if they're not in use.

If you manage a business that sells foodstuffs that are accessed easiest using tongs, but the acrylic containers you are currently using for storing these foodstuffs don't include any tongs, you don't have to order to containers. You are able to just as easily order just the tongs! You can even find tongs that come in kits this include a chain and hook along with tape so you can secure the tongs to the container.

Plastic or Aluminum Scoops

Plastic or aluminum scoops are ideal for smaller food items like cereal, coffees, and pieces of unwrapped candies - the kinds of food items customers should access themselves without handling one of the rest of the food.

Like with tongs, you could find acrylic bins that accompany plastic or aluminum scoops already attached, or order these scoops separately. If you purchase scoops separately, be sure you use them with a container that has a side "pocket" for storing the scoop when it is not in use, or devise one method or another to keep the scoop from being exposed to the elements while it's actually not in use.


Most often, you'll order containers that accompany lids. However, sometimes those lids become damaged and quite often you find yourself using regular plastic containers for a new purpose that needs lids, like storing bulk unwrapped candies.

When these situations arise, you could find lids for your containers in many different sizes and styles. For example, it's advisable a lid by using a handle that makes it simple for you to transport the container and simple for your customers to eliminate the lid, or you'll just be want a lid by using a knob to add a stylish flair to your display. You could possibly even want to keep things easy and use flat lids without having handles or knobs for a streamlined look.

Containers with Hand Grips

Hand grips aren't exactly "accessories," since they are already part of the containers, however they are useful additions to quantity otherwise be typical acrylic bins.

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Containers with hand grips are fantastic for dry food items customers should pour, such as small bulk unwrapped candies, trail mix, peanuts, coffees, or dry cereals. Hand grip containers are usually idea storage tools you need to use under your store's counter maybe in the stock room.