Choosing the Best Infant Car Seats For Your Newborn

11/24/2011 09:53

When it comes to being a parent, it is a pretty safe bet that one of the top things on the shopping list would be the car seats for infants. After all, you want the best infant car seats for your child so that you will not be concerned about his or her safety. If this is your first child, then you may not know that your car seats for infants should be the very first purchase you make, considering hospital will not often let you leave with the child unless there is already a car seat installed and ready for your child, and with good reason. The safety of your child is the most important thing, which is always why you will often find that the best infant car seats will be some of the most expensive items you buy for your child. But it is truly worth the investment, and it is a necessity.

So let's look at a few things you can do to help yourself when looking at getting the best infant car seats out there. First of all, make sure you are buying the right kind of car seat. If you have a newborn that is of average size, then you should consider getting a seat that is infant-only, meaning it will not convert later on for toddlers to be in. These should be rear-facing to protect your child, and will have the ability to be used as a carrier for your baby as well. If you find one that is actually a combination stroller/car seat system, then those are some of the best infant car seats out there, because you can simply attach the car seat to the stroller and go about your business anywhere you are. Infant-only car seats also tend to be easy to put in a shopping cart as well, making shopping somewhat easy. When you place it into the car, it should have a base that remains buckled into the vehicle at all times. That makes the rear-facing infant-only seat one of the best infant car seats out there. It is quick and safe and, most importantly, is easy to do.

One of the other very important things to understand about even the best infant car seats on the market is that no car seat is perfect, and that if you do not install it correctly it can be terribly dangerous for your child in the event of a crash. With these particular rear-facing seats, you need to make sure they are reclined in such a way that they are properly angled so the baby doesn't have his or her head flop forward. Typically, a good brand will have different indicators to actually show you when you have properly angled and fastened the seat, keeping the baby safe and secure.

Next, you need to understand what the weight requirements of many of these car seats for infants are. When you choose a convertible seat, then you can expect it will be able to grow with your child, but infant-only seats really do not do that. For example, they typically only hold children from 17-22 pounds, and if the baby's head is no longer beneath the rim of the seat then they have outgrown the seat. Once you get a bit closer to those heights, you need to consider moving your child into forward facing car seats for infants. These new convertible seats will mean that after you invest in that, you don't have to purchase a new seat for a while.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that some parents do is that they try to buy their car seats for infants used. Never, ever do this if you can help it. You have no real way of knowing if the car seat was in an accident and was damaged or if it was recalled, so you might be putting you own child in danger by putting them in the wrong kind of seat. Make sure that you have a new car seat so that you can register with the company and be informed in case the seat gets recalled, as you want to know for sure if that happens.

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Overall, as long as you take a look at the reviews of different features on the best infant car seats, make sure you buy one that fits the height and weight requirements of your infant, and you always buy a new one so that you are kept in the loop.