Choosing the Perfect Bedspread

12/02/2011 11:10

Choosing Bedspreads - Size

Bedspreads are labeled as 'king size', 'double' etc, so make certain you buy the correct size bedspread to your bed. A lot of the important lover floor length drop.

Choosing Bedspreads - Fabric

Bedspread cases and fillings appear in a wide variety of fabrics, both natural and synthetic. In case you have any fabric allergies, make certain you check the tag to view what the bedspread consists of before buying. Tightly woven bedspread cases are preferable for allergy sufferers, because they help to control dust mites.

Common materials for bedspread covers and fillings include:

Cotton - Cotton is often a light, all-natural, easy to clean cover choice. Cotton bedspreads appear in a range of colors and patterns.

Wool - Some bedspreads have wool fillings; they are heavy and warm, well suited for colder climates.

Polyester - This popular synthetic fabric is often used for bedspread fillings. Cotton-polyester blend covers are popular too.

Acrylic - Another popular synthetic, which is very lightweight.

Feathers and down - Some bedspreads are packed with down and feathers from geese as well as other birds.

Luxury and specialist fabrics - Used in covers, included in this are taffeta, satin, faux fur, faux suede, silk and velvet. These fabrics can be created from natural or synthetic fibers, and may even be plain, patterned or quilted. Some are even embellished with beads, sequins as well as other decorative touches. They are likely to require dry-cleaning.

Choosing Bedspreads - Style

Your bedspread can match or complement large of your bedding, walls as well as other décor. Bedspreads can be purchased in both patterned and plain designs, and you'll also get 'themed' designs (just like cartoon characters etc.), which interest children. Quilted bedspreads feature patterns stitched intro the pad; these can be simple or very intricate, and present a subtle technique to have a patterned bedspread despite the fact that prefer a single-color fabric.

Most bedspreads drape freely over the bed, but a majority of are fitted. This manner is tailored to match your bed more precisely, using the bottom corners sewn to give a 'cap' style. This supplies a very neat look, that bedspreads do not fall off easily. 'Waterfall' fitted bedspreads have a 'skirt' that looks similar to a traditional draped bedspread.

Choosing Bedspreads - Care

You should make sure if your bedspread could be machine washed, as only a few can. Before washing, dampen a smaller section of the bedspread to ensure it is colorfast. Understand that you may need to employ a large commercial machine to take care of some bedspreads. If your bedspread needs professional cleaning, consider if the time and expense involved is worth it, especially if you have children or pets.

Choosing Bedspreads - Accessories

Greenland Home Antique 3 Piece Bedspread HomeDeluxe Deluxe Sheet Straps Corner Poster Canopy Mosquito Queen S Lichtenberg Co 100 Percent Bedspread Greenland Home Blooming Prairie Bedspread Cotton Quilted Bedspread Coverlet Blanket Tree Life Tapestry Wall Hang Many Uses Gorgeous Williamsburg William Matelasse Queen Bedspread Stylemaster Emma Printed Matelasse Bedspread Cody Direct Rings Flower Bedspread Full Moon Loom Tapestry Celtic Throw Spread Coverlet Blue Pieces Comforter bedspread coverlets Bedding King Charles Matelasse Coverlet Scarlett Greenland Home Katy 3 Piece Bedspread Textile Linen Collection 100 Percent Bedspread Parchment Savannah Chenille Bedspread Queen Stylemaster Concord Center Motif Bedspread Pinzon Diamond Matelasse Coverlet Cream Natori Imperial Palace Queen Coverlet S Lichtenberg Co 100 Percent Polyester East End Living c211286 Coverlet Stylemaster Patricia Matelasse Woven Bedspread Egyptian Linens Reversible Coverlet California Better Than Box Spring Queen SHAMROCK II RIBBED BEDSPREADS Sage Lifestyles French Tile Bedspreads Ivory Natori NA13 1255 Harmoni King Coverlet Pike Street Wellesley 100 Percent Embroidered Almont Brown Cotton Quilted Embroidery Full Moon Loom Kalamkari Tapestry Bedspread Brown Parchment Savannah Chenille Bedspread King DwellStudio Pyramids Matelasse King Coverlet Columbine Cody Antique Matelasse Coverlet Rhapsody 110 Inch 96 Inch Quilted Coverlet Bundle 99 Charlotte Bedspread Size Color Court Versailles Dauphine Coverlet Azure Egyptian Linens Quilted Coverlet Matching Pink Flowers Aida Bedspread Bedding Allergy ArmorTM CleanAir Membrane Mattress Home Source Rayon Bamboo Coverlet Pike Street 100 Percent Embroidered Bedspread Cotton Vertical Tree Life Tapestry Parchment Savannah Chenille Bedspread Twin Stylemaster Roses Matelasse Woven Bedspread Hello Kitty Amor Bedspread Twin Royal Heritage Home Williamsburg Matelasse Allegro Cotton Chenille Bedspread Bedspreads Queen Luxioury stitched reversble bedspread Pinzon Matelasse 100 Percent Jacquard Coverlet

Some bedspreads have matching or complementary accessories, just like pillow shams. These might be as part of the purchase or available separately.