CJ7 - Who is That Alien Creature?

12/05/2011 01:45

From popular Chinese actor/director Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer) comes CJ7, a tale about hope and love in the character of a boy plus an alien. CJ7 is a great await anyone, which contains many golden and hilarious moments.

CJ7 is principally a representation of hope. Dicky, the key character in the movie, is produced by a poor background. However, he's enrolled in an expensive private school, where he cannot apparently fit in. Upon receiving CJ7, a lovable alien character, he instantly becomes selfish, and wants the alien to deal with all of his problems. Some acts involve cheating on tests, and becoming back at classmates. Eventually, CJ7 won't accommodate Dicky's requests, understanding that life problems must be solved fairly and also on your own. Towards the end, Dicky realizes that CJ7 was sent to him by God, as a sign of hope. Though he was in a troublesome situation in the present, things work out in the future.

Also, CJ7 represents the necessity to look inside oneself for answers, as opposed to be dependent on God/other individuals find the answers to our questions. At the beginning, Dicky thinks CJ7 will permanently eliminate his life's hardships. Soon, he realizes that is not the case. The alien was there to help Dicky find the answers to his problems from inside, in order to build a better future for himself/his family.

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Highly recommended, CJ7 is definitely an emotionally uplifting foreign film, that has a great message for anyone; portrayed by a cute, innocent-looking alien. Although Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer cant be found incredible movies, CJ7 surpasses each of them in many aspects. Hope is usually around the corner, it just isn't covered with such an obvious package.