Comedy Gold Remembered

12/05/2011 00:46

We as a species desire to laugh.  Many marriages, friendships, various types of *ships in general are constructed on that single wonderful ability alone.  Something about laughter that produces us feel good and keeps us searching through every different means available, movies, TV, internet, conversation, etc. with the next laugh.  Internet outlets today especially through YouTube, chain emails, social networks, blog posts, and ads boost our capacity to grab a your hands on that next laugh and share it that has a multitude of people we realize and some that we tend not to.  Regardless of the new social stir as well as instant craze to get your funny fix into two minutes of attention or bust, it's in our opinion though that nothing bests a great comedy film.  If we think comedy movie today the earliest images to hit the brain are most likely films just like the Hangover, Anchorman, or Jackass.  What about before those films?  Rarely does anything over the age of that tug in your memory and it's a waste because there are so many.  This is a very short, general history list as well as a look back at many of the most notable comedic performances you need to have already seen:

1. Abbott and Costello The duo that practically defined comedy in the '40s and '50s.  On the list of a widely popular show named the Abbott and Costello show from '52-'58 and in addition made numerous movies, most of which include; One Night in the Tropics, and Naughty Nineties.  Even so the piece that they are most famous for is undoubtedly the skit, "Who's on First."  The conversation regarding the two discusses the ridiculous and confusing nicknames provided to baseball positions.  It was initially performed in 1938 to the radio and many times next.  Of course if you are a baseball fan it will fair all that much more better when not it still provides quality entertainment.  This skit should sound familiar to an older crowd when you are unfamiliar with it do yourself a favor and check out an important piece of comedic history.

2. These Stooges These three goofs should be the funniest trio to ever grace a show screen or tv.  Not originally These Stooges but part of side joke play-on for late 1920's comedian Ted Healy.  The first trio was Moe and Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine.  When Shemp left Moe suggested his cousing Jerry(Curly) Howard replace him, so it was.  Their contract to Healy and MGM resulted in 1934 and it was heaven after that with Columbia Pictures.  For over a decade The Three Stooges ruled comedy until Curly experienced a stroke.  There is a chemistry that these men produce onscreen this is not found in today's film.  With the quirky opening song to Curly's shuffle, or Moe's famous eye poke, everything about them is comical.  Their slapstick style still hits my funny bone each and every time.

3.  Mel Brooks Melvin Kaminsky, also known as Mel Brooks is considered by some to get the king of Hollywood humor.  He still influences comedy films even today, but his reign was a student in full swing on the mid '70s to about the first '90s.  He directed and starred in classic movies for example Blazing Saddles, History of the entire world: Part 1 and 2, Space Balls, and Young Frankenstein.  So as to enjoy Mel Brooks and his movies it is essential to let go of your stupidity meter all together and just go.  There shouldn't be any questions or thought involved.  Just relax, relax, and let Mel massage your most rudimentry funny muscle and sure enough you will yourself giggling.

Submarine Look Whos Talking Now Harold Kumar White Castle Unrated The 40 Year Old Virgin Unrated Friends and Lovers In Bruges All About My Mother Intermission Treehouse of Horror Some Like It Hot Coast to Coast Big Mouth Paul Blart Mall Cop Terri The Royal Tenenbaums Coming to America Night at the Museum Fargo The Poor Kid HD Death Penalty Episode 1 The Proposal Louis C K Hilarious House Rules One Thanksgiving Flashbacks aka Thanksgivings Get Smart One Where Monica Gets Roommate My Mother Can Beat Father The Great Buck Howard Religulous As Good It Gets Sixteen Candles The Gay Divorcee Episode 1 Superbad Clueless True Romance Unrated Blazing Saddles Welcome to Royston Vasey Beep Fast and Furry ous Theres Something About Mary When in Rome One Where Ross Got High The Rocky Horror Picture Show A Strange Man Bridget Jones Edge Reason China Christmas Mail Scoop Kryten Edge of Seventeen

4.  Classic Cartoons (Hanna-Barbera/Looney Tunes) Before there seemed to be a pineapple beneath the sea, there was a purpose to Saturday morning... cartoons.  In today's 3D crazed world it's easy to forget the giggles and outright laughs many of us had on our Saturday mornings while watching TV watching Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, The trail Runner, Yogi Bear, and on and on.   Kids today still enjoy the majority of silent masterpieces however, not to the extent how they used to.  Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. received many smiles in this little account and I work toward passing my enjoyment along.