Couch Session: Top 10 Actors Under 30

12/05/2011 02:27

It seems, lately, a lot more young actors are obtaining their chances to indicate their ability on the giant screen and prove their worth. More frequently, you're seeing them popping out and finally having their huge breakout roles as the younger generation starts making its mark within the film industry and Hollywood. Because spirit, today we choose our top 10 young actors. The ones that will prove to be the most valuable to film while in the coming years and influence possibly be the next generation of stars in Hollywood.

10. Jesse Eisenberg Age: 27 Most Notable Role: The Squid as well as Whale

To me, Jesse Eisenberg has anything that makes Michael Cera good...then a whole lot more. I first took notice of Eisenberg in comedies Adventureland and Zombieland. He plays that young, likable, awkward role so well (very similar to Cera). With nice comedic timing as well as ability to provide a varying nuance to his "awkward young guy" roles, he manages to keep it fresh each and every time and brings a clear charm and appeal with him. Bigger all but locked around the king of lovably nerdy status. A lot more so after turning in a possibly Oscar-worthy performance inside the Social Network. And he manages to do this while still providing a charm and remaining endearing on-screen. As a kid you simply can't help but like, I see a very successful future for Eisenberg. He could arguably really do the one with the most hidden potential with this list, as Eisenberg jogs my memory of a young Tom Hanks.

9. Freddie Highmore Age: 18 Most Notable Role: Finding Neverland

Freddie Highmore might not have the longest resume, but he definitely has some top notch performances and big roles already under his belt at such a young age. Finding Neverland been shown to be a breakout for him and he turned in a good performance. For me, however, his most shining moment came in August Rush for a musical prodigy looking for his parents. This was such a mesmerizing and endearing performance that you couldn't help but love your child as an actor afterward. Bigger such a pure and innocent demeanor to him, that she instantly draws you in and elicits feeling of compassion from viewers. Again, he has not got the longest of resumes, however I see huge things in this kid ahead. It has to be quite a treat watching him mature just as one actor over the coming years.

8. Paul Dano Age: 26 Most Notable Role: There Will Be Blood

Paul Dano impressed me from the moment I saw him in Little Miss Sunshine. Showing this outstanding performance without even talking most of the film he epitomized the words the silence can be golden. From his starting movie he has been receiving awards and nominations, when he turned in a very received well performance in L.I.E. Since then, he has time and time again been nominated and contains received awards. He even received a BAFTA nomination for his work in There Will Be Blood. From his capacity to play a likable nerd inside the Girl Next Door to turning in a magnificent and eerie performance in it Will Be Blood. A small number actors can hold their ground against legendary Daniel Day-Lewis. However, Dano has proven he definitely can...twice. I see Dano having a very fruitful career before him. Turning in performances that are mature beyond his years, bigger all the skill to generally be one of the best. He may never (hopefully) become a type of Hollywood blockbuster actors. However, I find myself he could be a real staple to your independent scene. Bigger the ability to undoubtedly turned into a solid, respectable thespian really shining within his work much like Day-Lewis himself.

7. Jamie Bell Age: 24 Most Notable Role: Billy Elliot

Jamie Bell is one of the more consistent young actors around today. There's a lot to be said for any guy who wins a BAFTA Best Actor Award in his very first movie (Billy Elliot). On top of that, he made it happen at the young age of 14. And hubby beat out Tom Hanks and Russell Crowe to do this. Since then he has remained the best actor, although doing mostly supporting work. However, even during this realm he is constantly shine in his own way, even standing out stealing the scenes in Jumper in which Hayden Christensen was supposed to be the lead. In his short time, bigger gained the respect for many big named directors. Worker already with Peter Jackson (King Kong) and Clint Eastwood (Flags individuals Fathers). He is now set to accept the lead role in Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin. He'll work again with Monetary problems in Tintin. He worked Craig previously in Defiance: another film where he turned in a solid supporting role. While not stealing the show, he did still find a way to hang in there with some very fine actors and kept from being completely upstaged. If he'll manage to get out the shadow of support work, I do believe we could see some top notch things from Bell, a la Billy Elliot.

6. Shia LaBeouf Age: 24 Most Notable Role: Transformers

Shia Labeouf is probably the a bed that most disappoints me with this list. However, I can't mean that as bad as it might sound (after all, he still does make my list). Shia shows promise since the beginning. He appears to have it all to truly turned into a poster boy for Hollywood. Therein might lie his "flaw". He's always been able to turn in an enthralling performance and fits that role of down-to-earth/boy-next-door role so ideally. With great performances in A Guide to Your Saints along with the Greatest Game Ever Played, Shia shows that he is indeed an extremely capable actor. During roles like I, Robot and Constantine he shows his knack for comedic timing, showing range along with his skill. My only qualm along with his career is Spielberg's want to turn him into that Hollywood poster boy. It can be meant him taking a host of additional blockbuster/action film parts. Roles that, unfortunately, do not let for him to truly spread his wings just as one actor or really challenge himself. Driving a vehicle here is that he can become complacent in his craft. However, there is no doubt, he definitely has talent. And there is still huge untapped potential in him, I do believe. Even in "cliche/safe" roles like his Transformers/Indiana Jones/Eagle Eye type parts, Shia still manages to have a charming and endearing presence about him.

5. Ben Foster Age: 29 Most Notable Role: Alpha Dogs

Ben Foster is just one of those that can definitely bring energy and edge to your screen, maybe more so than anyone else with this list. While not the most ranged actor on the list, he'll definitely bring energy to your screen as well, or else better, than anybody else on here. From Hostage to Alpha Dogs to 11:14 to 3:10 to Yuma, Ben has always turned in convincing and very adept performances as the cynical/disturbing/psychotic type. He has proven time and time again that he is a master at illuminating the screen when you need to cast a menacing character.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal Age: 29 Most Notable Role: Brokeback Mountain

I always think about Jake Gyllenhaal as a Toby Maguire with better acting chops. Before his breakout, Gyllenhaal did a few odd jobs from time to time. Most notably though was his first lead role in October Sky. Handing over an inspiring performance for a young man seeking to avoid the coal mines his father labored in by winning a science scholarship for his talk with rockets, Jake really got his foot in the door. I think his real breakout came though with Donnie Darko. Really nailing the role for a troubled and disturbed teen, Jake's performance in Donnie Darko was well received by critics. Likewise he turned in another nice performance, again channeling that disturbed mentality, inside the Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston. Displaying a bit of range, Jake gave a great shot at comedy with Bubble Boy. Following that, it was nice watching him really grow and mature for a actor. This ended in him bringing more edge to his roles. In Jarhead, he channels that disturbed mentality a tad, but brings a much more mature and aggressive/manly performance, really shining while in the role. Later he procedes portray a more compassionate character, starring alongside Toby Maguire in Brothers. Ironically though, I find myself Maguire turned in the better performance in Brothers, but both did a really good job. Undoubtedly though, Gyllenhaal got his biggest credit for his role in Brokeback Mountain. A video that garnered a really good critical reception for he and Heath Ledger. Jake stands as another one of those with the ability to play your "every guy" or turn in a decent comedic performance. Added to that, he can bring a heartfelt performance or switch it up and bring a darker more disturbed element to his roles. The only real downfall to his past work is his effort as a measure to squeeze into that blockbuster scene along with his roles in The Day After Tomorrow and Prince of Persia. El born area just doesn't look like his strong suit, but provided he remains with good film acting and stays faraway from that cliche Hollywood stuff, he could prove to have his best days still before him.

3. Emile Hirsch Age: 25 Most Notable Role: Into the Wild

Emile Hirsch always usually bring a certain energy and edge to his characters when on-screen. While seemingly a tad bit more under-the-radar than some of his peers, Emile may well be the most well-rounded and polished actors from the younger generation. Whether playing a flamboyant homosexual (Milk) or the edgy street thug type (Lords of Dogtown, Alpha Dogs) or the good-willed, boy-next-door type (The Girl Not far away, Speed Racer), Emile always delivers. Passionate and specialized in his craft, its shows through within his work. Most notably within his portrayal of McCandless in Sean Penn's On the Wild. Turning in a performance generates you admire and pity him all while doing so, Hirsch just has a way of commanding the viewer's attention and respect.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Age: 29 Most Notable Role: (500) Events of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proven to be an extremely likable and very capable actor. Starting as a little child actor with Series, he impressed before it starts really. Getting his real breakthrough playing a quirky teen in 3rd Rock through the Sun, Gordon-Levitt has proven in recent times that he can bend well beyond that comedic range nevertheless keep that charming and endearing quality about himself. Whether doing comedy, like 3rd Rock or 10 Some tips i Hate About You, or indie dramas, like (500) Days or maybe the Lookout, Joseph definitely has built some credibility and shown his range. Now we will even add blockbuster/action flicks fot it after GI Joe brilliant most recent work in Nolan's huge hit Inception. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is basically starting to be appreciated more appropriately for his work. That is why, with the skill to back it, I see huge things for him in future. There are even rumors floating around of him reuniting with Inception director Christopher Nolan to possibly have fun playing the Riddler in Batman 3. While not my ideal selection for the role, I was able to definitely see a defining performance from him while in the role much like his 10 Some tips i Hate About You co-star, Heath Ledger, did under Nolan's tutelage in The Dark Knight.

1. Ryan Gosling Age: 29 Most Notable Role: Here I'm torn between two - Half Nelson and Lars as well as Real Girl

Ryan Gosling always delivers. He seems truly specialized in his craft. A lot more, he has quite a nice range, never shying originating from a role that may challenge him. From playing a drug-addicted teacher in Half Nelson, to playing a socially awkward man who's loneliness brings about delusion in Lars as well as Real Girl. Gosling has definitely honed his craft in recent times. He seems very adept at adapting to any role. In Murder By Numbers he plays the sadistic psychotic. Years later, however, there are him playing sleep issues of that coin when he plays good guy, going head-to-head in a very mental battle with the nice Anthony Hopkins in Fracture. Gosling definitely has talent and contains plenty awards and nominations to back that. He should be a valuable staple in Hollywood for a long time.

Honorable Mentions Anton Yelchin Age: 21; (Alpha Dogs)

Michael Cera Age: 22; (Superbad and Juno)

Nicholas Hoult Age: 20; (In regards to a Boy)

Lucas Black Age: 27; (Slingblade, Killer Diller)

Daniel Radcliffe Age: 21; (Harry Potter)

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So that's the plan: my top 10 (with many honorable mentions).