Different Types of GPS and Their Features

12/02/2011 12:18

If you have ever experienced the frustration of having lost or battling a paper map to locate your way across a different town; you will truly appreciate the advantages of a global positioning system. These little products not only handy but in addition give you the sense of security that accompanies knowing exactly where that you are. However, buying These tools is a whole different story, due to the different types of GPS and the variety if models available for sale. So, here is a glance at the various types of GPS and how much from them.

After-Market Vehicle GPS: The Sat Navigation units which might be commonly seen in vehicles to steer drivers to their destination come in easy to install plug and play forms. Most of these systems are so accurate available turn by turn directions. The system usually features a big color screen where maps are displayed, to help you accurately gauge your position in reference to your destination.

These units are probably the most common types of GPS and are seen in private cars in addition to cabs. They are set with an assortment of features and are capable of giving you facts about the mileage, the closest gas station and the estimated time it will take to reach your destination. And also hardwearing . units that lead you to definitely the nearest convenience store or restaurant; then, there is the add-on traffic feature which will keep you away from traffic bottle necks.

When buying this kind of unit, you should hunt for Bluetooth compatibility, voice activated directions and directions with street names as well as the features mentioned above.

Handheld GPS: This can be among the most convenient forms of GPS units; great for outdoor enthusiasts, the units is sufficiently small to be comfortably carried wherever you go. Imagine hiking or trekking with wanton freedom since you also will always be able to find your path back to the camping ground, without marking the trees. Which is the kind of luxury afforded by handheld GPS units.

The tough one GPS systems in the category may easily be slapped on to the wrist like a watch nonetheless they will be able to offer facts about the altitude, sights along the way, routing, maps and have a digital compass. Many of them also have an additional feature where you can download geocache coordinates to your unit through the computer.

Handheld GPS units are perfect to ensure the safety of ones own and yourself when going through the great outdoors.

Mobile Phone Units: They are fairly common as most cell phones have GPS tracking which will come into play whenever a 911 call is dialed utilizing a cell phone. On the other hand, phones produced by Motorola can also be tracked by other users; this feature is specially useful to track lost hikers, skiers etc. Some phone manufactures and cellular repair shops also offer GPS Navigation on the phones.

The technology found in these devices is similar to normally the one incorporated in Street Nav Systems; however, you're going to be completely dependent on the mobile towers for directions. Consequently if you are out of range, your cell phone GPS will be worthless to you personally. Another problem with phones that includes GPS is the monthly fee associated with the service. Although, you don't need to buy a separate GPS unit, the monthly fee can be an encumbrance. Also, the units are no match to handheld GPS; they often have small screens and inferior quality speakers

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So, should you be all set to buy a GPS unit by yourself; this guide on the a variety of GPS should assist you to choose a unit fitting your requirements.