Dining Table Styles

11/23/2011 17:32


Think of your dining room and what holds it together. Yes, your dining table. That's because no matter what else you put in that room, that table will be the focal point or center of that tiny universe right within your home. It may not have dawned on you yet but your dining table does make a difference in your daily life. Imagine if you didn't have it. Imagine what you'd miss - nice family dinners, parties, food! Fortunately, you can get a dining table just about everywhere these days. Virtual or traditional, every furniture shop will have a nice array of dining tables for every homemaker to choose from.


Dining tables also come in different shapes, sizes, finishes, materials and unique features. While this is an advantage for the shopper who gets to have as many options as he wants, picking something out in that sea of choices can be confusing. However, with a quick guide, one shouldn't go wrong.

There are many types to consider so the first thing to do before making a purchase is to decide which one you're looking for.

The Breakfast Bar is a dining table that's smaller than the standard type but with some nice and unique features. If you ever saw a table with locking casters, that's a dining table. Some also have racks to provide storage space.

A table which you don't normally see in a dining room is probably a Cocktail or Coffee Table. This is where you place your drinks while in the living room entertaining a guest. When you're spending your weekend watching tv, a cocktail table is probably where your drinks and quick meals go. It's also smaller than the usual dining table and it comes with rollers so you get to bring it wherever you want. And yes, most people think this is the best type of table there is.

Contrary to those smaller-than-typical dining tables already mentioned, a Refectory Table is all length and space. Imagine it long and rectangular and seating a large number of people. If there's any particular need for you to have this type of table, just make sure you have lots of space for it.

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Finally, when you talk about dining rooms and silverware and chandeliers, the Accent Table fits in perfectly. This is a standard dining table but with just a little bit more of those ornate details to provide a touch of romance. If you're thinking of a grand, traditional dining room, this is probably the table that fits into the picture.