Dining Tables - The Right Table will Make or Break your Decor Look and Feel

11/23/2011 16:19

Having the right dining table in your dining room can pull your entire ensemble together, making your dining room look friendly, inviting and comfortable. On the other hand, the wrong dining room table can completely give off the illusion of disaster, style gone astray, good ideas gone bad etc., etc. Be truthful in your decorating style, not denying your own sense of uniqueness. If you were to walk into someone else's home, and see the design that you thought would best describe your own sense of design in your own home, would you possibly be able to criticize their ensemble? If not, than your dining area either looks good enough, or you are blinded by the thought that it was your idea of furnishing in the first place. In either case, it's obvious that you won't be happy until you can produce the look that you so deserve in your own home.

Many people have the misconception that more used space is the best. Well, honestly, that is hardly ever true. For the most part, less is more, especially in a dining room. Many homeowners buy huge overpowering dining room tables just because they think that is what a dining room is for. A dining room should be used for dining, not having to throw the biscuits from one end of the table to the next, or have to speak to one another with an intercom system. This would totally go against the whole idea of having a dining table. For the most part, people purchase dining room tables for the elegance in intimate interaction, and not for distant relations. And you should never buy a dining table that does not properly fit into the room you have available as a dining room, as you might find, this also rings true, picturing a pool table in a room that only gives a foot of room on each side.

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On the other hand, if you have a large space and entertain frequently, you should buy according to what best suits your needs, and that of your family, and/or company. There should be no need to have adults sitting at the kids table if you can comfortably fit them at the adult table. Your entire guest should have the luxury of sitting at your new dining table, giving them a feeling of importance. Anyway, who really wants to sit at the kid table anyway?! Uncle Mike never signed up for the designated referee position! Anyway, by choosing the right style, and size dining room table, you're sure of having an item in your home that will definitely fit its purpose, and not hinder family and friends from actually wanting to come over, and join you for a delicious, home-cooked meal. Part of being a gracious host, or hostess, is making sure that you accommodate your visitors with the comfort ability, excellent dining, and friendly conversation, that they all know you for. This, as sure as it is, starts with the perfect choice of dining table!