Don't Forget to Add These 10 Kitchen Must-Haves on the Registry

12/03/2011 15:03

You've entered the kitchen section inside the registry. Of course you firstly add the big ticket, costliest items, i.e. the mixer, the Kuerig, etc. These materials are nice to upgrade, and either way adding a new kitchen essentials will help you replace your hand-me-downs available for you college cookware, but it is the small kitchen gadgets that will really help in newlywed cooking bliss. These small ticket items make perfect ad-ons and so are perfect gifts to get at your upcoming bridal shower! So lets begin.


1. Knife Sharpener

What good will be the knives is they aren't sharp? Taking care of your cutlery is essential to cooking cooking easy and effective. Keeping your knives in great will also be safer. The less force you must use to push down, the less chance you'll be getting of slipping and cutting yourself.

2. Seafood Scissors

Hate de-veining shrimp? These scissors makes this process so much easier, and safer too. One example is: using a parish knife is tricky and simple to slip. The scissors are slim enough to de-vain, but strong enough to cut through the hardest of crustaceans shells.

3. Timer

Every kitchen should not be without a timer. This often overlooked kitchen tool will help you tremendously from burning meals and baked goods. Stop while using cell phone, and upgrade to a kitchen timer.

4. Ball Whisk

This little device comes in handy for many kitchen duties. It doesn't matter if your whipping up custard, or making alfredo sauce a superb whisk can help to smoothly mix every ingredient inside the bowl together. Outdoors pronged whisks work just fine, and so are even simple to clean.

5. Salt and Pepper Mills

Add a really good salt and pepper mill to your registry and you'll notice a difference in the spicing and flavoring of your food. You can set the mills for coarse or fine grinding.

6. Measuring Cups

Upgrade to new measuring cups that will prevent stuck drawers, and provide more space. Measuring cups today even are available collapsible form including a variety of cool colors.

7. Avocado Scoop

The avocado scoop should help get the 'good' stuff beyond an avocado easier and faster. The scoop makes pulling a pinch plus it even cuts the avocado into perfect slices. Great for making California rolls and home, or even for making your own guacamole.

8. Spatulas

You probably already own several spatulas, but adding a number of extra that are shaped for particular culinary creations may help. The medium spatulas concentrate on basic baking needs, while slotted spatulas are used for cooking veggies. Smaller spatulas are best for smoothing out icing on cakes and pastries.

9. Can Opener

New can openers are built to take the top off a can without revealing sharp melt edges which will hurt or cut you. These may openers are also great to conserve counter space... it hides away nicely within a drawer.

10. Cheese Grater

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This helpful gadget should help save time spent shaving. Cheese graters have different sides which will do light fluffy shavings or big uneven chunks. Great for adding Parmesan to pasta or getting chunks in your quesadilla.