Eight Instant 'Pick-Me-Ups'

12/05/2011 00:58

Life is sometimes like a roller coaster. Ups and downs, with just a few hairy bends added too for good measure. You cannot assume all days are nirvana and life can drag us down from time-to-time. It's OK to possess down days, people have them and always will. That great whole array of emotions we're born with is simply part of being human. But, the key is in recognising when we're slipping and understanding how to pick ourselves up quickly. Here are ten thouroughly tested 'pick-me-ups' for you to use next time your feeling just a little below par.


Laugh yourself silly. OK, I'm sure when you're feeling low you're not necessarily in the mood for a good old belly laugh, but, what about putting on a good comedy or watching an amusing sitcom. Laughing provides the endorphins flowing using your body, which instantly lifts your mood. If laughing is usually a stretch too far, what about a good old-fashioned smile? May appear ridiculously simple, but smiling releases serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. It works... try it now... smile!

Pay someone a compliment. As we are feeling down we are inclined to focus heavily on our own problems and become very insular. It is important that you take the focus off yourself and onto helping another person in someway. It could be as easy as paying someone a true compliment, offering to aid someone in need or what about volunteering a few hours of energy at a homeless shelter? Concentrating on others without doubt diverts your attention from your own woes.

Stand straight up. Your mind and body are intrinsically linked, if you're feeling miserable this reflects in the human body language, you are inclined to slouch your shoulders and hang your head. Changing the way you hold your body can instantly alter your mood. Stand up tall; put shoulders back and head at any height. Notice the difference... oh you should also smile!

Play it loud. We are all aware of music is brilliant at causing us to be feel more alive. Again, it provides the feel-good hormones flowing, giving us that instant 'pick-me-up'. Find a handful of 'happy songs' that you know cause you to feel good. Songs from childhood, songs that evoke good memories, wear them, sign along if you are being feeling really daring, dance like nobody is watching!

Keep a gratitude journal. Nightly write a list of ten things which you are grateful for both big and small. Your list might look something such as this:

. I'm grateful for John's help today with the garden

. I'm grateful for your Tesco deliveryman

. I'm grateful that Poppy did well her exam

. I'm grateful For sale healthy body

Keeping a gratitude journal highlights the good in your life and what's particularly amazing; you start to notice even more thing to appreciate. A great way to change your concentrate on life and become a positive person.

Create your Happy Box. This is certainly without doubt my most favourite 'pick-me-up'. Get a pretty box you should filling it with things which make you happy... photos, quotes, books, affirmation cards, special items, post-it-notes with special messages on, letters, e-mails... chocolates even! The intention of your Happy Box is by using it to raise your mood when you're down. It is your special magic box of ticks!

Get moving. Get outside into nature and run, walk, amble or perhaps a skip maybe. Being outside is usually a tremendous healer. While you're feeling down, get outdoors, breath in the fresh air and acquire that body moving! You'll keep coming back feeling totally rejuvenated and motivated. Moments when we're outside in nature tend to be when we're at our most creative and also have our best ideas.

Talk and talk a lot more. A problem shared is a problem solved, as the saying goes. Find someone to share your worries with, BUT, and there is a big but, don't just whine and moan for the whole conversation, ensure that your conversation is solution focused. Don't dump all of your problems on your friend's doorstep; request their input to assist you find a solution, however small. When I'm working together with my clients is going on finding resolutions and taking baby steps in the right direction. A great deal more empowering than just complaining, this gets you nowhere!

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