Electric Underwear - Yes, Or No? You opt for...

12/05/2011 01:39

As with any modern tools, there are obvious reservations regarding its benefits via "pro" and "con" scenarios that need to be addressed prior to it being presented to the general public. In fact, it is largely desired than a governing organization review, rule on, approve or disapprove it previous to its release.

Thus, these situation regards a salesman whom I construed as attempting to sell me a cool product known as "electric underwear."

Now, if you are like me, you may certainly be asking yourself the following questions...

"What does a person need with electric underwear?"

"What does ladies need with electric underwear?"

"What does anyone need with electric underwear?"

Well, let's consider this subject a little closer...

In terms of whether anyone requires electric underwear, Perhaps it depends on where one resides. In particular, Alaska, extreme northern elements of Europe, Antarctica, and Iceland are good examples of the qualifying argument for electric underwear.

However, when you could physically afford to be a resident of Death Valley, California in a particular 43-day time period in their history where the temperature was recorded at 56.7 °C (134 °F) from the national weather service, you probably would not be very interested in purchasing electric underwear or, at least, not too many pair.

In fact, in the event the electric underwear salesman got here at your door in Death Valley, he'd better be selling underwear that accompanies air conditioner ducts that included a very long time supply of both freon and Blue Bell frozen treats around the clock.

In any event, as you will see, prior to purchasing this revolutionary new wonderful product, I posed lots of questions to the salesman, per the below:

[---Questions You Should Ask The Electric Underwear Salesman---]

* First of all, is this fact color pink, the only color that you have? If so, a word on the wise...this is seriously planning to hurt your sales to the men and, particularly, sales to guys who play sports and who definitely are also on school teams. However, those other "guys" will assist you to with active promotion.

* Not too I'm freaky, however are you yourself leading by example by donning some electric underwear in your person at this time? If you're, and since pink is now the only color you say it is made in, if you say you will be wearing a pair, recognize that this conversation is immediately over and everything sales possibilities are instantly lost. At this stage, and in all honesty, my suggestion this is for you to take the Fifth in reply.

Note to Self: Salesman takes the Fifth in response while, strangely, elevating his right hand to display the Vulcan peace sign.

* How shall my local utility monitor the power usage of my electric underwear?

* As to what increments shall I be billed for my electric underwear usage?

* When the power abruptly get out in my electric underwear, do you call the same toll-free number i always call for my home when its power fades to have my electric underwear repaired?

* Why don't you consider holidays and after hours? Same number, or a different one, in the case of a power outage?

* During the summer time, could I be electrocuted when sweating if I am wearing my electric underwear, particularly, when jogging?

* Why don't you consider insurance? Can or what exactly is have my electric underwear insured?

* Basically cannot pay my utility bill on time, will the power company shut off my electric underwear? If you do, what are the ramifications with their doing so?

* If it is the dead of winter, and my electric underwear is switched off for failure to pay my bill, can I file a lawsuit against the electric company for maliciously performing and endangering an individual can safety of an American and/or Texas citizen?

* Further, simply what does the law say about electric underwear? Would it be used as a dangerous weapon, say, fond of someone whom you dislike as a personal gift with a special occasion, and which you are fully aware is allergic to electric underwear or any one its elements?

* If someone else dies from the bequeath of such a gift, can this, by law, be considered an "undercover murder," a murder that was "covered up," or both?

* In winter, should my electric underwear forget to properly start or operate, can I return it for a replacement or get my money back?

* In the future, will your company set up distribution arrangements with, say, Wal-Mart which means your electric underwear is instantly available at a reduced price from its current $5,289 per pair?

Note: Texas residents must pay an additional .0845% state sales tax of $447, thus, bringing their total purchase cost you $5,736.

* If I am required to send my electric underwear returning to the manufacturer directly, will the manufacturer reimburse me for shipping?

* Am i allowed to send my electric underwear on the cleaners?

* Can I clean my electric underwear around my washer and dryer?

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* Can I wash it by hand?