Etiquette for New Homeowners, in addition to their Friends, Neighbors & Relatives

12/03/2011 14:50

Moving is challenging work, stressful and loaded with adventure. These do's and don'ts can help you position the new home adventure you or a person is having a positive one. It is sensible to know what's proper and what's not within your or your relatives, friends or neighbors home and hood. Mark Nash author of 1001 Techniques for Buying and Selling a Home shares some do's and don'ts on new homeowner etiquette.


-Host your own private housewarming party, should your a new homeowner invite family over to see the new place.

-Deliver your teams of keys to your new neighbors home that this previous homeowners gave to you.

-Introduce yourself, your partner and kids to your neighbors before they seek you out. New homeowners, old and young love to be welcomed towards the hood.

-Offer to introduce you new neighbors along with their dog(s) to other dogs they might come upon on neighborhood walks. Don't forget to warn new homeowners with pets about which dog-owners allow their dogs to visit off-leash.

-Offer advice on your favorite bakery, hair stylist, babysitters and dog groomers.

-Alert them to the locations of 24-hour stores, in case your new neighbors come with an emergency in the middle of the night time.

-Offer to help family members who are new homeowners get unpacked or clean.

-Offer for taking mountains of packing and moving boxes towards the local recycling center achievable homeowners.

-Offer to host a not so formal neighborhood get-together for your new neighbors to meet up with the current ones.

-Know whether it is time to go home, don't break your welcome together with the new homeowners.

-Bring your own neighbors bottles of chilled spring water on moving day and gives to catch up with them whenever they get settled.

-Deliver your company name, address and phone number with a set of emergency numbers in your new neighbor.

-Offer to clear recently moved-in new neighbors sidewalks right after a snowfall, especially if they moved coming from a non-snow climate.

-Suggest that packages your own neighbors are expecting is often left at your home when they are at work.

-Wave to your new neighbors minus the time to talk.

-Ask your neighbors who they would recommend for repairs and remodeling projects within your new home.

-Do learn from neighbors with some other cultural backgrounds.


Register for gifts should your hosting a housewarming party within your new home.

-Expect housewarming guests to make gifts and if you do receive gifts, open following your party.

-Drop in on new homeowners, call first.

-Offer decorating advice to an alternative homeowner unless asked.

-Don't ask the amount of they paid or imply the new homeowner over or under paid. People consider financial information private.

-Gossip in regards to the previous homeowners, you do not know if the new owners still consult them.

-Gossip about others while in the neighborhood. Let new make their own decisions.

-Attach ribbons, signs or flags towards the new homeowners property without asking permission.

-Ask your own neighbor to trim trees or hedges on your first meeting, they probably determine what needs to be done, in time.

-Expect new homeowners to acquire free time. Moving, working and establishing a household is at the minimum a part-time endeavor.

Housewarming Gift Suggestions

For everyone.

Artist rendering from the new house.

Personalized stationary together with the new homeowners address.

How-to home repair book.

Homemade baked goods.

Fresh-picked vegetables and fruit from your garden.

Blooming or foliage houseplants.

Watering can for inside plants.

Specialty Coffee and Teas.

Fun and funky kitchen towels.

Exotic spices.

Gift certificates for home improvement stores, house cleaners, dog walkers, landscapers, local restaurants, spa, window washers.

Bar Accessories, corkscrew, cocktail shaker, wine and drink coasters.

Everyday wine glasses.

Champagne to toast the latest homeowners.

Picture frames.


Bar accessories: bottle opener, corkscrew, swizzle sticks, and cocktail shakers.

For people that have a yard.

Garden tools, or potted perennials out of your yard.

Bird feeder or house.

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