Freaky Friday - An amazing Mother-Daughter Comedy

12/05/2011 00:49

Jamie Lee Curtis plays the caretaker of Lindsay Lohan, Anna. Anna provides the usual high school disconnection with her mother. Anna is due to a band that plays in the garage. Anna's mother is soon visiting remarry only three years after her father died, which Anna is just not emotionally ready to accept. Mr. Bates, her English teacher has something against Anna and it is failing her. Her mother believes that failing is purely Anna's fault. For dinner her mom decides to move out for dinner as a family, and includes her new fiance.

Anna is due to a bad mood so her mother pulls her aside to go to her. The whole discussion quickly scans the blogosphere of control. Among the owners of the Chinese restaurant provides them with both a fortune cookie. Anna locks herself from the bathroom and they both read their identical fortune. Instantly there is an earth quake, but no one else feels it. Our next morning, Anna and her mother have switched bodies. Anna would go to her office job as a psychologist. Her mom would go to high school. Anna proceeds a shopping spree before work and perhaps gets her ear pierced. Anna's mother sets out to think negatively on the other band members whether they have the discussion about if Anna is in a position to perform with her band in the rehearsal dinner.

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However, Anna's mom does still trust one of Anna's childhood friends, who later stabs her from the back by turning her set for cheating. Luckily, Anna's new boyfriend reaches the rescue and allows her mom to end the test. Her mom also writes on back stabbers test, which is a new side to "Anna" they have never seen and doesn't like. Check if they are stuck like this for life or if they might figure out the riddle to improve back.