From Satellite TV to the Big screen - The Comedy of Tina Fey

12/05/2011 00:56

When you are looking for the leading ladies of comedy, not a soul quite has Tina Fey beat. She commenced writing for "Saturday Night Live" at certainly one of its only consistently funny stretches prior to now decade, managing to go up a team of all-male writers who apparently were interested in your typical boy humor than might actually bring viewers back to the floundering show. Binge-eating syndrome after her gig as an author and performer on "SNL" was considering branching out on the movies, which some people might have thought was ill-advised. But you would be hard-pressed to pop to a living room around America where 14 year-old girls are lurking and not find "Mean Girls" playing on the HDTV set. An instant success with youth, a camp classic, and a scary reminder for grown-ups exactly how viscous the world of senior high school can be, "Mean Girls" was equal parts brilliant and hilarious.

Ever considering that the success of "Mean Girls," it was a somewhat difficult road for Tina Fey. Equipment has started happening faster and faster, and fame were only available in most unexpected of ways, with the sudden opportunity to launch a show loosely determined by her experiences at "SNL" called "30 Rock." While there had previously been a season of failed shows about television airing a tv personality, "30 Rock" managed to do a well done where the others had definitely been lacking. Is actually a cast starring other satellite TV stars like Tracy Morgan and also former 80s hunk Alec Baldwin, it had become all of the sudden even more en vogue to get talking about Fey as one of the great female comedians.

It seems, though, the future of Tina Fey's hilarity aren't found on a small screen, but may very well be moving to the big screen. The only downside to this really is that there is the unfortunate chance it will not be nearly as funny. Naturally, Fey is far more hilarious when the girl with writing the material, and even her bits on "Saturday Night Live" as Sarah Palin, where she were able to drag people back to their HDTV sets on Thursday nights to see political satire, were enable you to write something fresh and exciting. While she's still funny in films like "Date Night" with Steve Carrell, there's just something that seems to be at a loss once she steps foot for the movie set, when not a project she's writing.

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Whether or otherwise not Tina Fey manages to make it work for the next decade remains in sight, but if you're ever a lttle bit lonely for the better events of "SNL" or even the first few seasons of "30 Rock" and aren't quite sure the best place to turn, the good news is that you have enough of a back catalogue of truly hilarious times that you ought to be able to continue chuckling until Fey gets her bearings and manages to land projects where she has the control - along with the last laugh. Naturally, she's definitely gone ahead and earned it.