GPS and Real Estate

12/02/2011 14:15

When I began in residential agents navigated from home by the old fashioned way - which has a paper map! When Gps Systems (GPS) became available as units attached to the dashboard, I managed to get one. The GPS for me personally is a critical tool for any practice of residential real estate selling. The last 2 vehicles I have purchased had built-in gps devices.

The GPS is particularly attractive those areas where the streets change names frequently or they stop and start in different sections of the city. Arlington, Virginia is one of these communities that the GPS is extremely helpful. Before developing a GPS, oftentimes the customer client would be at the front seat instructing me on the best places to turn. With a GPS the customer and I can focus our conversations, and yes it allows me to identify more easily for the buyer community amenities and destinations. Realtors in the listing information can lead to directions to the home, however those tend to be written assuming the driving force is starting from a convenient location. But typically when a realtor is out showing buyers homes, we're also probably not starting at the central location but rather received from another home inside a residential neighborhood. Navigating back to the main roads after which it figuring out where an example may be from that place and obtaining to the next can be a nightmare! The GPS allows someone to focus on driving, rather than worrying about getting lost.

What I found though is the fact that GPS is not a thinking person! I have had a GPS take me in doing what I knew was the most the way direction. Also the GPS doesn't learn about traffic patterns inside a community and possible construction sites. So I believe that having a thinking person involved remains to be the preferred means of navigation. Even with a GPS, I still utilize a paper map to identify the properties to see and to lay out an idea for the order in the homes to see. Buyers have smiled and told me that they appreciate obtaining the full perspective in the area that merely a paper map can truly provide. I plug in all of the addresses to the GPS individually; doing this if the client decides to vary the order of homes to see from what I had originally mapped out, or simply a seller has requested we come to a time frame distinct from what was originally planned, those changes can easily be accommodated without the GPS needing to recalculate the route.

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In thinking of the fabulous uses of any GPS as it works with my life, it helped me think of another correlation. I've discovered that many people imagine that just by doing some research online that they can find out everything they need to know about home buying and selling. That could be like believing that your GPS and a paper map is actually you need to get around. Again, developing a thinking person aboard remains to be the preferred method! That is the same in navigating the operation of home buying and selling, it's still best traveled which has a seasoned real estate professional to help through the process.