GPS Car Navigation - Finding the Right Unit For Your Needs

12/02/2011 11:53

With gas prices skyrocketing and showing no indications of going back down, everyone's looking for a way to get where they go as efficiently as you can. Undoubtedly, you've already heard about a little piece of technology that sticks for a dashboard, GPS car navigation. What you may not have heard is that purchasing a unit of your can be both expensive and confusing. Hopefully this post will assist you in choosing a unit suited for you and your budget.

First of, it's important that you know that no matter the unit, all GPS car navigation technology allows you, the user, to perform one simple task: to find out your location and show you getting to where you're heading. To keep up with the competitive nature of the market, manufacturers incorporate a lot of extra features for their units to get you to get their product. Being aware what features you want and wish will assist you in purchasing perfect system.

Also, all GPS receivers come pre-programmed which has a variety of destinations, called Points of Interest (POIs), that make getting the place you want to go less difficult! They also all utilize touchscreen display screen technology-all you need is the tip of one's finger to get started.

Now, when it concerns the people who make GPS car navigation technology.

There are some manufacturers who certainly make quality products, however personally recommend sticking to the top three: Garmin, Tom Tom, and Magellan. I like to know that the product I choose will be supported should anything fail with it later on.

Without any doubt, Garmin is the leader in the industry, with almost 70% of the total market. They offer a variety of products at different price points. For instance, you can get a basic Garmin nuvi 200 for less than $150. But if money isn't a concern, you could get the top-of-the-line 880 model, which cuts a more substantial hole in your gas money pocket at a pricey $1,000.

Coming in close behind Garmin is Tom Tom, who offers a lot of product at very huge discounts. For instance, the Tom Tom One 3rd Edition has some great features that the Garmin nuvi 200 doesn't have, but the two can be purchased at the same price.

Lastly is Magellan, one of the first companies to offer GPS car navigation technology. My business is particularly fond of their Maestro series, which runs from $150 to $350. There is also this really sweet handle AAA that allows all members to achieve the AAA Tour Book loaded right within the device. For frequent travelers, it is a deal!

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Before purchasing a unit by yourself, I'd suggest obtaining a website that can present you with more information on GPS car navigation and as well help you find the system suited for you!