GPS Car Navigators - How to Keep the Nuvi 350 in Top Working Condition Reviewed

12/02/2011 14:02

The mobile global positioning system (GPS) is helpful for all-around driving guidance, specially in unfamiliar or congested locations where the road signs may be scarce or difficult to comprehend. These devices work well for finding nearby places to eat or stay the night. Still, we cannot trust people with them because they are not perfect. Yet, by using available resources we can make them work well for your particular traveling needs as reviewed with all the following example.

Basic Nuvi 350 description. This mid-range GPS navigator offers the following capabilities just like other makes and models.


Compact and light-weight with touch-screen buttons, together with a mute button Several setup options for lighting, background, map information, distance modes, voice-type etc SD-card slot for expanded data or downloads, if used Electronic compass (although not always listed as having one) MP3 and audio-book player Audio plug-in for headphones or even an external speaker USB slot for computer downloads from the manufacturer's Internet site (maps and software) World clock and hand calculator Currency and unit-measurement converter Finds nearby eating, fueling, and lodging places instantly together with their distances from the vehicle Continuously determines the vehicle speed, average speed, miles to a higher main turn, and total miles to your final destination Calculates the approximate destination arrival time barring no further stops Common problems.



Miscalculates a fastest route Chronic repeated voice messages whether it is directions are not followed precisely, e.g., please make U-turn and go back to a specific turning point Squawking or slightly garbled voice on occasion Not enough voice volume Wear and tear both within the electronic contacts and the frame itself if taken off its mount often Possible electronic connection problem relating to the common cradle and the power cord or the device itself Loss of warning tones after upgrading the software Common fixes.


1. Reset the GPS. One immediate treatment for unusual device behavior is to press the reset button. For the 350, this button can be found on the backside within the antenna.

2. Know the best potential routes beforehand. For the reason that GPS cannot know all of the small-town speed limits, stop signs, and traffic lights, it will eventually sometimes call a shorter secondary highway distance as faster than a main interstate highway by mistake. As a result, the GPS may not shut up temporarly if the driver chooses the leading highway instead. Thus, the drivers need to know the commonly used potentially best, fastest, and safest routes via their own personal sources ahead of time. Assuming this raucous event happens, makes use of the mute button to quiet the GPS until it could recalculate the route accurately

3. Delete unnecessary data. It sometimes devise can hold much information without difficulty, another general fix is to delete most of its stored data. A lot of them probably will not be used again.

To accomplish this cleanup completely and rapidly, you can put left thumb within the upper left corner from the screen while the device is off. Hold it there while turning it on. A dialog screen will show up -- Do you really want to initial in the maintenance mode? Touch, Yes, after which follow the next maintenance-mode screen choices and questions. Touch, Clear user data. It will then ask -- Do you want to erase all user data? Touch, Yes.

When done, the master might have to reenter certain favorite or often-used places, and redo minimal elements of the setup. However the device often increases results after this cleanup. The voice and volume may also improve.

4. Clean the contacts. Reportedly, a good intermittent connection problem relating to the common cradle as well as power cord or the device itself exists. The top fixes here are to wipe the contacts clean that has a cleaning cloth or probe, make sure the contacts are touching each other as needed. Also, make sure the power-cord-to-cradle connection is pressed right into its cradle slot.

5. Mount it safely. Finding the GPS mounted at windshield eye-level makes it easy to follow without taking one's eyes off the road. Yet, if the windshield mount is hard to reach or set up, the GPS might be mounted onto a different sort of holder, like, a weighted-dashboard or dashboard-vent holder. A few of these holders are expandable, all of which will hold most GPS models.

6. Select another voice. If the well-liked turn-warning tones disappear without any reason (usually from a previous software download), the master can usually reinstate them by deciding on a non-text-to-speech (TTS) voice under the Settings and Locale buttons.

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7. Update the software. The ultimate way to fix several small issues is to download the latest free software, Version 6.2, as directed because of this model from the Support menu within the manufacturer's website. This version has addressed several common device problems, that makes this GPS run well.