GPS Cellphone Navigation

12/02/2011 12:09

Cell phones are evolving almost daily. Just a few years ago they couldn't do a lot more than make cell phone calls.  Nowadays many of them are actually mini personal computers. Single purpose useful features of modern phones is GPS Navigation.


GPS navigation is a really sophisticated and accurate way of finding your way around. GPS that is an acronym for Gps Systems is a system that makes use of dozens of satellites which can be continually orbiting the environment. 

Cell phones were initially equipped with GPS chips because of the need of emergency operators in order to find victims who call 911. Should you call 911 from your own home, the operator instantly knows where you're and they can rush the police, fire, or ambulance in your aid before you even say to them your location. Unfortunately, when folks call 911 on the mobile phones, the operaters didn't have that information.  GPS chips were included in phones to help solve this matter.Cell phone makers quickly pointed out that they could use the GPS chip that may be already installed in the phones for another very useful application. 

GPS gps systems have become extremely popular in vehicles currently.  Once upon a time, only top notch luxury cars were equipped with GPS navigation.  Then came the more popular then ever portable GPS navigation devices.   The cellphone designers discovered that with a bit of a software upgrade, many GPS enabled phones might be programmed to function just like these portable Gps unit devices.

Garmin 010 00761 00 GPSMAP 531 Receiver Garmin 010 10936 03 Suction Cup Mount TomTom 4 3 Inch Screen Protector pieces GARMIN Dakota FORERUNNER Colorado Cadence ChargerCity Extended Navigator Manufacture Replacement Techno Earth® Suction Bracket TomTom SkyCaddie SG2 5 Golf GPS Black Humminbird Fishin Buddy Carrying Case Garmin Charging Clip Forerunner 405 Garmin 10 4 Inch Waterproof Chartplotter Network USGLOBALSAT USG ND 100 USB Receiver IG A05 i Trek Garmin Mount Locking RAM Mounting Systems RAM HOL GA31U Approach ChargerCity Navigator ChargerCity® Manufacture Replacement National Geographic 7900500001 Adventure Paper Garmin Montana Heavy Duty Hunters Lanyard Power Acoustik NAVIBOX 1 Navigation Module Mount Universal Laptop Tough Tray Garmin 1490LMT Lifetime Traffic Remanufactured Garmin Navigator Spain Portugal microSD Lexerd Garmin TrueVue Anti Glare Protector Lexerd Garmin TrueVue Anti Glare Protector Bracketron SWM 400 BL Windshield Mount Black Tom ONE Additional Mount Charger Accessory Charger TomTom Navigation Systems RAM Plastic Garmin Montana RAM HOL GA46U Ram Mounts Rail Mount Universal Artec Guardian Angel Tracker 807G Humminbird Waterproof Marine Chartplotter Sounder INA W900BT Alpine Touchscreen Navigation Plays RAM Diameter Cameras Video Camcorders LandAirSea SilverCloud Real Time Tracking System Charger Adapter Vehicle GPS Chargercity Case Logic GPSP 2 Professional Flatscreen Gilsson USB Serial Adapter Garmin Lingo TR 1650C Travelmate Language Translator ChargerCity® Gooseneck Windshield Manufacture Replacement Garmin 010 10646 00 Dashboard Small 2 Pack Garmin Forerunner Touchscreen Fitness Watch Garmin Mount Cradle Power Cable TomTom Additional Mount USB Charger Insignia 4 3 NS NAV01 GPS Navigation Arkon Windscreen Suction Tomtom Traffic Garmin nüMaps Onetime Navigator America Mio MOOV 4 3 Inch Portable Navigator Garmin Unit bracket mount nuvi Bike Handlebar Holder Mount System RAM Mounting Systems RAM B 166 GA12U Suction Humminbird 4 Inch Waterproof Marine Chartplotter Lingo TTX 14 Xplorer Language Translator

The result is there are cell phones that users can input their desired destination into.  The cellular telephone will then navigate for your user in a pleasant voice with a turn by turn basis.  The technology really is quite amazing.  It is every bit another very practical use for your cell phone.  Maybe we shouldn't also be calling them phones anymore.  An even more accurate description might be mini computers that you can make phone calls with.