GPS Navigation

12/02/2011 14:13

I remember driving around hesitant to stop at the corner store and get directions. Ahh, the nice ole days.

That is exactly what they can be becoming thanks for GPS car gps systems. Unless you just got of your boat from Antarctica you happen to be fully aware of just how cool these devices are.

GPS symbolizes Global Positioning System. This is a system manufactured by our friends on the Department of Defense. It works on the grid of many satellites to triangulate positions around the globe.

Our tax dollars really have been effective this time too because these devices can place you within 10 feet of your exact location. Pretty amazing.

Now, GPS car gps systems come in different sizes and get different features. Most commonly you will have the systems that come built-in to the car when it appeared. Those usually have a better popup screen and price a lot more money.

The other is the portable kind. These devices and have a decent size screen and may literally fit in the palm of the hand. The great benifit of this is that they for one are inexpensive, and two can plug into any car while using cigarette lighter.

Now a days $150 gets you precise Gps device... instantly!

The benefits to which has a GPS car navigation device are plain to determine.

It can save you a ton of gas. The many U-turns and miles going in the wrong direction are certainly not exactly free. Before I checked it require me to pay money for every mile I placed on my car.

It could also save you a ton of time. This not simply translates right back to costing you less, but also a lot of frustration. Obtaining route mapped in front of you makes driving more pleasant. Not to mention that shorter routes tend to be figured out for you.

Lastly, it will help you avoid traffic. These slick little units can spit out alternate routes in about 10 seconds. Dodging that accident traffic has never felt better or been simple.

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For the cost they are today I might highly suggest picking one up. It really is quickly becoming among those items that we will all wonder how you lived without years from now. Remember life before the microwave?