GPS Personal Navigation Device Vs The Smartphone

12/02/2011 13:52

As GPS devices and applications flood the market, how do you know which type of Global positioning system unit you should have? Do you think to yourself, "It won't really matter because they all carry out the same thing," right? Wrong? There are numerous major differences we ought to all know about before you make that choice.

The GPS applications situated on smart phone devices for instance Androids, iPhones, and Palms though extremely portable and handy, are certainly not necessarily "mount friendly". When positioned on the windshield or dashboard it can be difficult to see the screen clearly in order to manually operate. Understandably, the fonts and buttons are small compared to what you would have on a fanatical GPS unit.

It is evident that the obvious good things about these smart devices include their multifunctional designs in addition to their connectivity to the cellular network and also the internet. Such connectivity enables a more sophisticated GPS search capability, real-time traffic alerts and added services for instance exploring local gas prices. Being able to effortlessly find a particular variety of restaurant or service while you are on a road trip or in unfamiliar territory is actually a key element.

The GPS personal navigation devices (PND) on the other hand are well suitable for the road warrior, especially when he is the only one vehicle who is awake! These GPS devices generally have larger screens, stronger speakers which enable it to easily be seen coming from a dashboard or windshield mount. The touchscreen technology keyboards, which display good sized quantities and letters, are optimized for usability at arm's-length while driving. There is no need to take your eyes or your attentions off the road to make use of this GPS device, that produces for safer traveling. With the larger screens, more data can be simultaneously, including estimated points in the arrival to your programmed destination, distances to upcoming turns, upcoming street names, speed limits etc. Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and Lowrance provide variety of excellent options for anyone looking for a dedicated GPS device.

Today's smart phones have a light touch and chic look. They use capacitive touchscreen technology technology, which makes them a pleasure to make use of from the palm of this hand. However, while driving they do present a disadvantage using smaller screens and keyboards and weaker speakers. In these particular areas, the dedicated GPS PND gets the upper hand. Easily mounted, it could be clearly seen and operated because larger screen and keyboard. And yes, the speakers are louder also. The GPS PND is actually a better choice for those longer, preplanned driving, as well as for those of you who simply enjoy the occasional "going out for just a drive" - even if you have no particular destination.

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I personally would delight in having both systems as GPS devices at my disposal. Depending on the situation, both devices perform excellently GPS there prescribed parameters. It's like apples and oranges. Both of them are delicious fruit, but one cannot satisfactorily take the place of the other.