GPS Satelite Navigation - Get the Exact Location

12/02/2011 12:01

The word GPS Satelite Navigation may sound a bit difficult to understand for several. Simplifying the word in one plain sentence, the satellite navigation system allows a electronic device to find out its exact location through satellite. The Gps device device lets you be familiar with longitude, latitude and altitude of their electronic device where it can be kept.

Possibility of satellite navigation was sensed very first time that in 1957, when Russia was launching his satellite Sputnik. In 1960s, USA Navy used the basic form of GPS Sat nav when they used several satellites to track their the position of their sub-marines. But the real invention in satellite navigation came in 1970s if this was formally designed and manufactured by Department of Defense, USA, and was introduced in 1978. Since that time, the satellite navigation has seen several ages resulting into immense innovation.

Today, the uses of GPS Satelite Navigation have grown to be very common, and are utilised in our everyday lifestyle extensively. Several of the fields where the its uses are prevalent are routine vehicles like car, trucks, bikes, boats and ships, phones, airplanes, gliders, farming, land surveying, mapping, atomic clocks, and etc. Because they utility are being used hugely in this everyday lifestyles, hardly is there are any fields untouched with the satellite Navigation.

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The advanced type of satellite navigation is used in wars. Utilizing GPS Satelite Navigation, fighter jets and planes get auto-pilot function, which assists air-force destroying enemy base without getting their soldiers hurt. Regardless of how advance the satellite navigation has become today, its nitty-gritty continues to be the same - it will give you information about the location and direction from the device you are looking for. By using this technology in relevant industries and practices may result in fruitful development of our society.