Guide to Proposing for Men

12/05/2011 01:46

So, you have chosen that it's time to make the leap. I'm here to be certain things go smoothly so you understand this step you take from a woman's perspective - a finicky woman's perspective. You might ask yourself, "Why would I hear a single woman giving tips on how to propose?" And i also would reply: because For a nice and on the receiving end of more proposals than I care to remember - and you simply don't see a ring on my own finger.


Some proposals were remarkably straightforward to say "no" to. Some When i thought about for... OK, its not all that long - but nevertheless, I thought about them. But hey, you can wing it. Lots of women are found fine marrying the 1st guy who asks, and as long as you are dating one of those, by all means, ignore me. If, in contrast, you have one with standards and options (nothing like a car), you might want to please read on.

1. A Proposal is not a list of demands

Your proposal is usually a sales pitch: an offer that transcends all the other offers that she has ever received or ever get. No, really. It might seem that a future on hand is preferable to one put in a bathrobe with nine "feline companions," but does she?

Look advertising online this way: you get to remind her of what a fine catch you are: handsome beyond measure, a great companion and protector, fantastic during sexual intercourse... uhm, no, you are not about to out and out say those things!

You are going to allude directly to them gently, paint pictures within their mind, and let her think she's going to the conclusion that you are a fantastic find. If you just tell her, "I'm the most effective man you are ever about to find," she'll think, "How did I not notice what an egotistical jerk he is?"

Instead, let her know of all the Sunday mornings it will cost together reading newspapers during sexual intercourse, or the traveling you are going to do together as well as great home your family will enjoy together. Or perhaps promise that you're going to learn to play her favourite game better so that she doesn't arrive at your town and obliterate your army without you much as putting up a considerable challenge.

You want to emphasize the "togetherness" factor to ensure that she's not thinking about having to pick up your socks, or clearing your dishes, or one of the other asymmetric points that appear to evolve in the marriage.

After all, this is the woman who especially others has won your heart and you simply want to create a life with - yeah, OK, I do know you're actually thinking "Odds are I am not saying going to find anyone better," and you simply know you're thinking that, try not to let her know that's what you are thinking.

2. The words "Prenuptial Agreement" don't belong in the actual proposal

Yeah, what you know already I wouldn't have to say that, but having received the kind of proposal, I guess I actually do.

3. Marriage should never be proposed via text.

Email, instant messenger, SMS - just don't. Within this day and age, I'd also advise against email since it would be altogether too straightforward to claim it didn't arrive.

Phone? Hmm, that might be acceptable under the right circumstances - for example you've been stationed overseas and does not see her for weeks or months, or oahu is the third time you've proposed to this particular woman as well as full-on dinner/ring in the champagne glass thing is getting a little expensive. Not to mention embarrassing when she keeps saying, "no."

4. Setting is everything

As for your dinner and champagne or moonlit stroll around the beach with the pre-planted ring in the bottle with a note from it - well, you never always have to go to such lengths.

You just want something that says, "I put some thought into this."

Because, you are aware of we're telling our friends after - and you simply don't want the words, "and then he said, 'I guess it's about time we did this, eh?'" to generally be part of that story. (Example, that wasn't one among mine. You know she's told that story to a lot more people than just me.)

And you actually don't want her friends' responses to generally be anything like: "Yeah, you totally really should have said NO fot it." Just ask: will this create a good story?

5. Setting is just not everything -

All right, to be able to accurately gauge her aspire to marry you may be more important. If the thought of having breakfast on hand every morning for the rest of her lifetime shocks and horrifies her - not really that anyone we know would think that­ - then you have a problem. Thoughts of needing to deal with your toothpaste gobs and shaving clippings should certainly not override the best thoughts, causing big red alarm bells to search off in her head.

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If and also, you need to work on more of those "good things" or eliminating some of the bad ones before you even think about proposing. OK, I think that's about it. Enjoy!