Having Fun With Fimo Canes At Home

12/03/2011 15:16

Making fimo canes is usually a fun pastime that may be enjoyed at home, employing a few simple tools. Utilized in many different crafts, a specific type of clay is used. It is not really a clay, but is actually a type of plastic, constructed from polyvinyl chloride. It can be shaped, moulded and mixed together to produce an endless array of patterns and styles.

Once you have created the patterns you would like, the clay is going to be baked at a low temperature to make certain that the product fuses with a molecular level, setting to make a tough, durable product. Fimo clay gets its name from the doll makers daughter, nicknamed Fifi, who inside 1930s accidentally discovered this innovative clay.

It was only thirty years later that this clay was unveiled in the industrialization process, making it readily available to the community. A visit to your local crafters store will have you delighted at the selection of colors available in pre-packed packets of varied sizes. A variety of manufacturers offer clays of textures and some are simpler to work with than others.

Some varieties include soft polymer clay, doll making clay, that's less malleable but stronger after baking, however the addition of a product called Mix Quick will always make it easier to work with. Glamor clay gives some interesting metallic effects, while mottled stone clay can be employed when looking to create an outcome that imitates each side stone.

Some clays are created to glow at night, a great gimmick for your Halloween season, in addition to a variety of fluorescent clays. Handling the clay only uses a few simple and inexpensive tools. A non-porous surface for rolling out and working with your clay, ideally with a sheet of plexi-glass, a cutting knife and accessories like needles, buttons along with items to shape the clay with.

The easiest way to soften the clay will be to work it using your bare hands, folding and rolling it until it is actually slightly warmed. Two or more clays of varying colors may be mixed together to provide interesting effects. When you have the right consistency the clay may be rolled out with a suitable glass or vinyl rolling pin. Work with a little flour on the rolling pin if your clay begins to stay with it.

Depending on how simple or complex a design you need to create, you can now start making your first cane. A simple method is to use a central roll of clay, having a thin layer of a different color and wrapping it round the central core. This thin sheet of clay should ideally have a contrasting color. A thin sheet of plexi glass is usually a useful tool to achieve a smooth, bonded finish.

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Continue to provide layers of varying color and thickness soon you are happy with the fimo canes which you have created. Any combination of colors can be used. Develop a stunning marble effect by mixing two different colors of clay together before rolling against each other, or slice a cane into thin slivers and place the slivers on an existing cane for an interesting effect. Baking is completed according to the specifications on the packaging to ensure that you have a very long lasting, durable end product.