HealOzone Takes Care of Tooth Decay Without Drilling

12/05/2011 01:41

The sound on the dental drill is symbolic of pain. People are terrified of obtaining to sit in the reclined position, restrained but inadequately sedated, as the dentist bores away at enamel and nerves. In reality, the dentist inside our culture has become a sadistic figure, at dramas like The Marathon Man or comedies just like the musical Little Shop of Horrors.

But eliminate! Finally, dentists can shed the whole picture of smiling torturer and get their place with other medical professionals as the caring, compassionate individuals they can be. How is this possible? With HealOzone, the modern dental breakthrough technology that does not only replaces painful drilling, it supersedes it.

Drilling: Painful AND Ineffective

Until now, dentists are convinced that drilling was inside your attack caries (tooth decay). Like cancer surgery, dentists viewed this removal as being the way to stop chlamydia before it spread.

And with well over 90% of adults encountering dental caries, a solution is important. However, dental drilling is a lot less effective than any cancer surgery. In reality, studies have shown that residual caries be in as many as 80% of cases treated with drilling.

Residual caries then grow and spread, often undermining fillings and leading to more serious dental conditions. Why would anyone undergo a procedure that is painful possesses only a 20% chance of success?

HealOzone: A Painless, Safe, Effective Solution

HealOzone treatment uses no drills, picks, or scrapers, particularly in treating caries at an initial phase, so the treatment is completely painless.

HealOzone is entirely safe. There is no ozone reservoir since the HealOzone unit generates its ozone from ambient oxygen using high-voltage electricity. Then the ozone is pumped to the tooth in a sealed, disposable silicone cup, then sucked into the HealOzone unit, where it's neutralized back into safe, breathable oxygen.

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HealOzone is additionally more effective than business cards and fliers for some cases. It sprays ozone to the caries-affected tooth, killing 99.9% on the bacteria in twenty seconds and neutralizing the bacterial acids that can cause caries. Because ozone is a gas, it can penetrate areas challenging to reach with drilling, including bacteria at the root of the tooth and along side gum line. And because ozone works chemically, it but not only kills the bacteria present, but neutralizes the biochemical acids that bacteria secrete, immediately stopping particles decay, helping to retain the beautiful whiteness of your smile.