History of Sewing Machines

12/04/2011 17:00

Prior to your invention of sewing machines, clothes as well as other materials were sewn personally. Hand sewing is an art form that was practiced over 20,000 a long time ago. During those days, sewing needles made from bone or animal horns and thread made from animal sinew were used. At the start of 14th century, iron needles were invented and later in the 15th century eyed needles were introduced.

It is known that the first known work for balance a workable sewing machine was framed in 1790 by Thomas Saint. In 1800, sewing machine was invented through the mid-nineteenth century it become popular among the public. After Thomas Saint, various attempts were suitable for inventing a sewing machine. But, all of them turned unsuccessful.

In 1830, Barthélemy Thimonnier-a French tailor- released the first functional sewing machine. It used merely one thread and a hooked needle for your chain stitch. Later in 1834, Walter Hunt sported an idea for double-thread sewing machine and it was regarded as America's first successful sewing machine. The machine devised by Walter Hunt would be a straight-seam sewing machine that used reciprocating eye-pointed needle and an oscillating shuttle.

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Following Walter Hunt, Elias Howe created machine which had precisely the same features as that surrounding Hunt's sewing machine. After Elias Howe, Isaac Merit Singer patented a similar machine and was regarded as the first commercially successful machine. Singer's machine included a straight eye-pointed needle and transverse shuttle, a table to aid the cloth horizontally, a vertical presser foot to keep the material against the upward stroke from the needle, and an overhanging arm to keep the presser foot. Rather than a hand crank, Singer's machine used 12 inches treadle similar to that of a spinning wheel. Helen Augusta Blanchard, Allen Wilson, John Bradshaw, Charles Miller, and James Edward Allen Gibbs were additional contributors who produced an extraordinary framework for sewing machines.